Posted By: Jilly Selling crocheted blankets? - 09/20/09 11:32 PM
I have collected a TON of handmade crocheted and knitted blankets that a while back I had this great idea I was going to sell. that was years ago. Now I still have them and am not sure what to do with them. Any suggestions on selling these things? They are throw blanket sized, some are baby/dog sized, some are even twin bed sized.
There are several avenues to selling crocheted blankets.
Here are a couple of articles I wrote with some advice on selling handcrafted items Ebay Review and Crochet for Cash. If you have made the items yourself you can also sell on etsy, here is some info for that site, Etsy Review. Hope that helps smile Any avenue you take will take some time. It always does but Christmas is coming up now would be a great time to put them out there.
Another option is donating the throws that don't sell to homeless shelters and/or domestic relief shelters. They are always in need of ways to stay warm. Good luck.
Posted By: hostingdiva Re: Selling crocheted blankets? - 09/22/09 07:23 PM
I would use eBay. I think this would be your fastest way to sell and the one that will give you the best exposure.

If you prefer to sell local, you can also try Craigslist. It's a great website that has a lot of traffic. Also, unlike on eBay, you don't have to pay fees to list or sell.

Good luck! smile
Posted By: shelly1019 Re: Selling crocheted blankets? - 09/30/09 04:00 PM
I would check local churches,school for craft shows also would google for craft shows in your area .check your local newspaper also good luck!
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