Searching for short stories has become a hobby for me. I search the shelves at my public library, spend time looking online as well as drifting through the shelves at thrift and used book stores.
I love finding old anthologies as well as new collections for teens and adults.

Where do you look for short stories?
Hi Michelle,

I enjoy browsing at used book sales also. I find that is the best way to discover writers who are new to me, like the German author Ferdinand von Schirach. He is a criminal defense attorney who has published a couple of short story collections titled "Crime" and "Guilt". His stories are unusual and sometimes unsettling but quite addictive.
Hi Angela! Thank you for your comment. I am glad to find another "searcher" like myself. Do you ever look for movies in used book stores as well?
Hi Michelle,

I do browse for used DVD's but the selection in secondhand shops is usually pretty limited. I recently bought an all-region DVD player so I can watch films from around the world. I've found the internet is the best source for the movies I want to watch, even though I would prefer to shop at a bricks-and-mortar store.

One thing I have found when looking for short stories at the library or even a book store is that they are not always noted as "Short Stories" in the title. I have found some just by luck of opening the book after seeing the cover. That is when I would notice I was holding a collection of stories!!!

Your DVD player sounds nice! I watch movies on Netflix of course, will buy them from iTunes, and sometimes rent them from Vudu.

I too have found some of my favorite books by accident. I always browse through every category at a book sale because, as you say, things get misplaced and you never know what you will find.
Amazon makes it incredibly easy to read lots of short stories for free, and I love that aspect of them. I can download short stories in any genre and explore them. I've learned about many great authors that way.
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