Posted By: Meg_Homeschooling ORGANIZATION, not a dirty word! - 01/09/05 03:07 PM
I have declared this week


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Posted By: MM Re: ORGANIZATION, not a dirty word! - 01/09/05 10:50 PM
I turned the organization of my kitchen over to my 18 year old daughter. Does that counta as a tip? I just couldn't figure this kitchen out.

Since the only cooking I'm any good at is making bread, she's putting all the baking supplies and tools in one place. I can make my bread without moving! Even if the whole kitchen can't be that convenient, at least do it for the part you like best.
Oh dear. My husband decided to organize the pantry once - actually, it's not a pantry we just have A LOT of cabinet space in our kitchen (the only space we have in the house!!!)

He put all the cooking spices in one place and the baking spices in another - not that I understood what constituted the difference in his mind. It was a pain!

The way I figure it, if the cinnamon always ends up in one place, that's where it belongs!

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