Posted By: Alice - Weight Loss Homeschooling Methods - 09/25/15 11:08 AM
What methods do you use? How do you homeschool?
Posted By: Deanna - New Age Re: Homeschooling Methods - 09/27/15 09:52 AM
When my kids were in middle school, we used "Global Village," an excellent curriculum (more like guidelines). I LOVED that they offered such a great reading list when it came to life skills, and social/economic skills.

My son is off to college now, so I'm homeschooling my daughter, now an 11th grader. I am really scratching my head about what we'll do. I did find an online program for math. I really want to focus on helping her gain life skills and self-confidence.

And, we'll likely study the Enneagram together wink I think the more a teen can know about who they are at a deeper level, then all the better for them as they start their adult life.

Alice, I forget, are you homeschooling??
Posted By: Alice - Weight Loss Re: Homeschooling Methods - 09/27/15 01:22 PM
I homeschooled for 20 years BD (b4 divorce). Now I'm a college professor longing to be at home with my littlest again.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Homeschooling Methods - 02/02/21 08:51 PM
My son was homeschooled by my ex and his wife, as was his half-siblings. I think the homeschooling environment can be very uplifting and encouraging. There are so many resources out there nowadays.
Posted By: Angie Re: Homeschooling Methods - 02/02/21 11:13 PM
The Epoch Times for months now has had great articles on homeschooling and resources.
Posted By: christinarobert Re: Homeschooling Methods - 03/12/21 09:14 AM
My cousin was the only kid in our family who was homeschooled by my aunt and uncle. The best method to homeschool the kid is by teaching them the latest trends in the world along with educating them. For example my cousin would study during the day and during the afternoon he would go out to play sports with the neighborhood kids making him aware about the world also he would read the newspaper, watch appropriate movies and taught about technology. During the weekend I would teach him about different things as well.
Posted By: Encore DT Re: Homeschooling Methods - 03/12/21 04:52 PM
How unbelievable is it that homeschooling, of all the challenging times we've had in modern history, is flourishing today in the 21st century. Who could have known...
Posted By: Angie Re: Homeschooling Methods - 03/14/21 11:02 PM has had some great articles about homeschooling. It is really not surprising that this would flourish - the children have not been in school and parent/parents have been home and so they have tackled educating their children. A lot of parents are not happy about some of the programs in the schools.
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