I'm looking for inspiration on this forum to move this site forward. What would you love to read about to help you enjoy your homeschooling more? What resources are you curious about, methods would you like to explore? It's been a while since this forum has been up and going and I'm excited to be a part of that!
I'd like to see something about getting little groups of homeschoolers together for some kind of educational activity. I know that students like to get together with others - such as those doing a Christian curriculum.
Thank you for your suggestion, Sheryl!
Daisybun, some of my fondest memories as a homeschooling family were those weekly activities.
I am homeschooling my daughter, and she's an 11th grader.

I am more into the unschooling model - I really just want to get here through the required basics, and be able to give her more focus on self-discovery. She has NO idea what she wants to do later in life, but that's not unusual for a 16 year old. I'd just like her to have opportunities to discover and experience different things.

Oh, I'd also be very interested in life skills, and confidence building.
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