Eunice & Lois

Posted By: Angie

Eunice & Lois - 05/11/19 10:37 PM

Your article about Timothy's mother and grandmother was great today, Lynne. Mothers always play the pivotal role in the lives of children. Motherhood today is so downplayed - women are told they need a job outside their home but in reality motherhood is so much more important.

It's good to be home - it has been quite a spring - the Holy Land in early March and then a cruise from Australia. It's going to take me a while to get over the jet lag.

I read the Gospel of John beginning April 1 during the Lenten season . I hope you had a nice Easter.
Posted By: Lynne - ChristianLiving

Re: Eunice & Lois - 05/18/19 09:38 PM

Thank you for the comments, Angie. My thoughts exactly.
You have been busy. The Holy Land trip would be amazing. I hope to go someday.
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