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Do you have any issues on your mind about everyday life as a Wiccan? Here is a place to share stories, comment, and ask questions.

What is a Kitchen Witch?

This form of paganism emphasizes simplicity and integrating your spirituality and everyday life as seamlessly as possible.

What is a Kitchen Witch?
Posted By: Ro Longstreet-Wicca Re: Being Wiccan - 10/02/14 02:25 PM
Burning Incense is a Health Risk
Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics, and pagans all use incense on their altars. However, new studies show that excessive use of incense can be as harmful to your respiratory tract as smoking cigarettes.

Burning Incense is a Health Risk
Posted By: ancientflaxman Re: Being Wiccan - 08/08/15 02:07 PM
Ro, coming from a background of mystics, witches, seers, and the like it behooves us to keep in mind that many cultures will attempt to suppress any form of “extra” abilities or gifts because they simply don't understand. They cannot be blamed. Maybe some of us were in that same mentality at one time??? We have since grown. It is however paramount to know that none of us need to have fear.

The Goddess, or Great Mother, as we called her, is an incredible force for good in our lives. If we trust that She will guide us through the deepest water we will find the perfect teacher in Her. She will show us how to protect ourselves. She will show us how to heal, both ourselves and with permission, others. I owe Her my life and would have never survived without Her gentle hand.

Blessings Ro and Blessed Be
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