IMHO All Spiritual Paths Lead to Deity

Though this is the Wiccan forum, I see validity in all spiritual paths. My main paths are Wicca and Northern European paganism, but I attend a Christian church every Sunday because I want to learn about the Bible. I've studied Buddhism and Vodou for many years, and my favorite spiritual author Eknath Easwaran was Hindu.

My point is that people of all spiritual paths are welcome in this forum. I worry about the increasing hostility that I see not just between different religious groups but within each one. To give a random example, it is so unnecessary for Wiccans and heathens, who are under the same neo-pagan umbrella, to get snotty with one another over misperceptions, legitimate differences, and stereotypes. The same holds for the bickering I see between liberal and conservative Christians.

No one will find his or her spiritual beliefs attacked in this forum. I welcome information from different points of view, but I will delete any posts expressing hostility or attempting to proselytize. This forum will remain a safe and accepting place. Thank you for understanding.
What you said here is central to all religions in that they provide a refuge for us when we need some help. For many that are converts to a belief system it is imperative to remember that before we came into the knowledge that we now possess, we were in a state of want. We were beckoned to where we are now, not forced, not tricked, and not demanded to be there! We must allow all of humanity a comfort zone in their present condition for people to grow and if needed, experience newer and better paths in their sojourn. I am so on board with this !!!!! Thanks Ro !!!!!
Thank you, Dave, you're the best! Very well put. My best wishes to you for your new solitary practice! smile
You are an explorer. You want to know. Nothing wrong with that. I'll have to check out Eknath Easwaran. I love learning. Religious beliefs can be so contentious. You are a brave one.

Christian, Jew, whatever the contention exists because everyone thinks that they are right. All the fighting is really unnecessary. Just discuss. Talk it out. Don't fight. I agree with you.
Thank you, Jana. If you decide to check out any of Eknath Easwaran's books, please do let me know what you think. smile
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