Posted By: grace67 seeking advice & opinions please - 03/29/11 12:12 AM
Hello, I will keep this short and to the point. I am new to the wiccan religion and am anxious to learn. I am a recovering catholic, divorced and at the age of 43 am finally finding out who I am. Just so sorry it took a wack in the head (literaly) to change and become the individual I was created to be. I fell and fractured c-6 c7 3 1/2 years ago but am functioning as a t-3. I had to learn how to do everything all over again and was told by doctors "You will never...." well I am doing all those nevers!!!! I am rambeling, sorry! I am just so extreamly grateful4 all that I have been given! Has anyone heard of "Wiccan Bible" "Exploring the mysteries of the Craft"? Would you reccommend it or possibly another book for a newbie trying to find her way? thank you!
Posted By: Sulverna Re: seeking advice & opinions please - 03/29/11 02:50 AM
as odd as it sounds 'Idiots Guide to wicca / witchcraft' is good more facts less fluff
Posted By: elainemay Re: seeking advice & opinions please - 04/13/11 07:50 PM
It's good to hear you have recovered so well and proved the doctors wrong.I hope you continue to improve,you must be very strong willed. The Wicca Guide by Ann-Marie Gallagher is a book i liked very much also Kate West The Real Witches Handbook is one of my all time favorites xx
Posted By: Leslie A Re: seeking advice & opinions please - 05/24/11 02:34 AM
"Simple Wicca" was the first book I read on the subject. It was nice and, well, simple. A good first-timer read, it kind of just explains the basics of our beliefs, also that you are free to tweak beliefs to suit yourself and your personal ideals. I hope it inspires you like it did me.
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