Posted By: Angela J. Shirley

Motorcycles - 12/08/10 04:57 AM

Anyone own a motorcycle?

Anyone ridden as a passenger on one?

I did ride on the back of one when I was young and "naive" about the dangers (lol). That was a one time adventure. Now you could not pay me to be on one with our without an helmet. I need something between me and other vehicles smile
Posted By: Claybird

Re: Motorcycles - 12/09/10 02:00 AM

I've been riding for over 30 years...which only counts as 15 years because I have to put my motorcycle away for half of the year while the snow and ice takes over the roads here. I love riding my current Suzuki but being a passenger is entirely too scary for me.
Posted By: Angela J. Shirley

Re: Motorcycles - 12/09/10 04:42 AM

Wow, Claybird - that is a long time riding.

Have any pictures?
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