How you controle in high speed

Posted By: LibrianFriend

How you controle in high speed - 03/28/10 06:27 PM

I am in habit of fast driving. Its my good luck that I never came to a serious accident. I am aware of the danger of high speed motorcycling and want to understand that if there is a way to practice for emergency handling.

The major emergency a motorcyclist could face is the immediate response to the situation. Sharpness in movements and knowledge of the application of the right thing at the right time. Means brakes, balanced turning, clutch, gears, accelerator.

If you ever took an accident or saved from one, please share the situation. Thanks
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Re: How you controle in high speed - 07/28/10 04:00 PM

Motorcycle Safety Foundation riding courses are offered all over the US.
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