Posted By: ExerciseEditor sexiest male rock stars of all time - 09/28/10 06:34 PM
Who do you think are the sexiest male rock stars of all time? Any genere of rock not just classic.

Robert Plant
Jon Bon Jovi
Jared Leto
Jim Morrison
Lenny Kravitz
Chris Cornell
Sebatian Bach
Elvis (younger not older)
Michael Hutchence (so sexy even his death was sexy, traggic but sexy!)

Oh YA to Jon Bon Jovi.

What about Kip Winger - such a sexy smile!

Totally! I loved his vampire looking teeth. Also Henry Rollins. I'm not a huge fan of his music but he looks great especially shirtless.
Oh and Nick Valensi of The Strokes. I saw him a few years ago in concert. He was hot. I think I'm old enough to be his mom.
Since music videos, the musicians have gotten way better looking LOL!

Though really that's kinda sad.

Some of my fave musicians aren't terribly pleasing to look at.

Oh, one who I do think gets hotter with age: Tommy Shaw!! He is WAAAAAAY better look now as a 50 something dude!
Oy Ya, the lead singer from Dokken was pretty cute too....
I'd say Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Tommy Shaw, Dokken, Paul Rogers, Bob Seger & Billie Squire...(Whew is that enough)..??
Can't tell which era I come from..can ya..?? tee-hee
Billie Squire was a sex machine. I also watched an old video of Peter Frampton yesterday and he was so hot when he was young.
Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots!! Also Nikki Six, Bono, and Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against The Machine (the dreads do it for me).

Hey shootingstar Eric Clapton totally hot young or old. Bob Seger reminds me of Toby Keith for some reason.

I found a slideshow of Sexy Rock Stars Over 40

Eddie Veder also hot especially if you're into the sexy Jesus look, blush
I came on to say Kip Winger, but I see I'm not the only one who thinks so! His smile, yes, but what about that thick hairy chest?! What a body! Is it getting hot in here? LOL!

I also think Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20) is pretty hot, but in a different way. And I used to be totally into Rick Springfield. Those were the days... crazy
Rick Springfield still hot. He was guest starring as himself on that show Californication with David Duchovny. So funny! Rob Thomas very sexy indeed.
Ooooh yes... Rob Thomas and Rick Springfield.

Kitten, Kip Winger is delicious! Do you remember that naughty video he did with Fiona? Everything You Do. That was the first time I'd ever seen him.

Oh right Mon!!! Bono is so HOT!! I LOVE him!

I'm thinking Rick Springfield!
Jim Morrison!! Oh yeah baby!!!

Eddie Van Halen is not bad to look at either! (Younger days...)

At the right moments Steve Tyler is not too bad.
Oh right... Jim Morrison was SOOO intense!

And Eddie V - definitely a cutie pie!

Steven Tyler ay? I wouldn't have thought about it - but ya, he can be a total cutie!
Posted By: Kari N Re: sexiest male rock stars of all time - 09/30/10 02:19 AM
Jimi Hendrix tops my list, Always. I'd get caught in Crosstown Traffic with Jimi anytime. Is it wrong to get goosebumps everytime you hear a guy who died (tears here) before u were born? (I don't care.)
No way, I sometimes want to cry when I think about how I'll never see Stevie Ray Vaughn in concert. I love his music and he died right about the time when I first discovered him so that isn't wrong and if it is then like you said, who cares : )
Posted By: elainemay Re: sexiest male rock stars of all time - 04/13/11 08:32 PM
Got to be John Bon Jovi,i like Richie Sambora as well Oh!! and Chad Krueger from Nickelback.Plus they all look even better live! xx
Posted By: polarbear Re: sexiest male rock stars of all time - 04/18/11 08:48 AM
Billie Squire is pretty hot.
Posted By: elainemay Re: sexiest male rock stars of all time - 04/18/11 06:15 PM
Couldn't agree more
Posted By: StevenSmith Re: sexiest male rock stars of all time - 06/27/11 01:45 PM
Bryan Adams and Steven Tyler
Jimmy Spheeris, Rod Stewart, Bruce Springsteen
Posted By: juniehyatt Re: sexiest male rock stars of all time - 07/13/11 01:03 PM
Hmmm, what a delicious topic!! Robert Plant Jimi Hendrix Eric Clapton Bono Jim Morrison Michael Hutchence Jon Bon Jovi Steven Tyler David Bowie Prince There's my top ten!
Posted By: Jim Colyer Re: sexiest male rock stars of all time - 04/21/12 10:23 PM
No one drove women wild the way Elvis Presley did.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: sexiest male rock stars of all time - 04/24/16 07:13 PM
Elvis Presley. I hope that he was able to find peace when he died (that is of course if theres life after death which i believe there is).

My favorite when I was young was Duff, I still admire him as a musician but poor him did not aged well.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: sexiest male rock stars of all time - 01/27/21 06:20 PM
Jeremy Renner is both an amazing actor and singer. I love him in serious roles like Wind River.
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