I grew up listening to disco and 80's pop and some 80's rock. In the 90's I was big into alternative, dance music and techno (laugh if you want).

I was nearly 30 when I first heard Led Zeppelin or ACDC and was like what is that. I love it. Are you a classic rock late bloomer like me? If so what are your favorite bands now? Some of my favorites that are fairly new to me:

Peter Frampton
Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Who
Queen (a result of my Muse addiction)
Blue Oyster Cult

Crazy that I had no idea who these bands were but I love them now. What are some of your favorites?

My favorites now are the favorites I listened to when they were at their prime during the 70's/80's. They are all now considered classic. Guess that makes me one, too.
Hey B - me too LOL!

I grew up loving Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Fleetwood Mac.

I guess I already loved them. But I went for a long time not listening to them.

My son said to me today "my favorite music is from the 70s and 80s." I wanted to hug him! {I was driving though, so I refrained LOL}.
You're funny. My son says "why do you listen to emo rock all the time" I hardly call Godsmack, Papa Roach and Chevelle emo rock but whatever. He loves 60's and 50's stuff.

I grew up listening to spanish music so I guess that had zero influence on what I love. We used to rock out to Tito Puente, Perez Prado, and Celia Cruz and also tons of cumbia music. I still like that music but it's truly weird to say I've never heard Blue Oyster Cult. Most people look at you like you're a freak.

I was just told I'm emo for like Coldplay so much. Whatever LOL!!

Blue Oyster Cult is so awesome... they have the oddest songs.

Here's a good one for Halloween. Now THIS is a vampire baybee!!!

Nosferatu - Blue Oyster Cult

There is something so hypnotic about this song...

Rarely see anyone discuss the following, but their works are prevalent on the local classic rock radio station:
Golden Earring
Black Sabbath
Jethro Tull
Steve Miller Band
Deep Purple
Grand Funk Railroad
Thanks Dea, that's a cool song (talk about early emo and coldplay is so not emo). Hey Bettlemess I do love Steve Miller Band a lot. First songs I heard by them were The Joker and Rock n Me. Loved those 2 songs!!!

When I heard Seal's version of Fly Like An Eagle I checked out the original but still like Seal's better, sorry eek

That's like when my sister said she had no idea that sting was with a band called the Police before he went solo. I almost [censored] slapped her. Sting was only good with the Police! I can't stand his solo stuff.
Oh man, just remembered a bunch of other SMB songs. Jungle Love, Space Cowboy, Take The Money & Run, Swing Town. The DJ's at the bar where I worked in my late 20's used to play Steve Miller all the time. This is how I got into them.
I still like to relax to Jethro Tull. They had a way of bringing a minstrel, troubadour sound into electronic harmony. After many years of the mainstream rock effort (Thick as a Brick, Aqualung, etc.), they successfully experimented with a sound that seemed to come from the Renaissance (Songs of the Wood). I went to their concert with a friend & his older brother just prior to turning 13. Thus, my opening chapter of being a kid of the 70's.
O.K. I just sampled their best of on itunes and they have an interesting sound especially the flute in some of their songs.

I think aqualung has been in so many of Jack Black's movies. He must be a big Jethro fan. My son would say Jethro is Epic. He would love it.

I can appreciate it but not crazy about it. Keep it coming though. You're schooling me in the ways of classic rock. You rule!
Never forget Southern Rock - Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Allman Brothers, Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, Little Feat, .38 Special, Black Oak Arkansas, Georgia Satellites, Atlanta Rhythm Section... to name a few. These brought the cliques of the kickers & the dopers together during the 70's & early 80's.

Now, Monica, these were concerts where the cowboy-hatted met the tie-dye T-shirt/tank top. Blue jeans were always chic, except at the open air stadium (in my case Mile High) where cut-offs & ice chests were the staple.
Beetle, I saw Tull on the Broadsword tour in the early 80's. What a treat for the senses! Awesome production! Have you a copy of the London Symphony Orchestra's recording of Jethro Tull's music? I have the LP, don't know if it's available on CD, but it's well worth a search. Their intricate composition and arrangements done by a full orchestra are mind blowing.

Does anyone remember the Alan Parsons Project? They did an entire album of songs based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. That's a good Halloween Album!
Wow... Been so long since I had any of my vinyls out. I do have a lot of Tull, but don't recall that one. I have a multi-CD collection of rarities/radio programs that was released around 1990. Might have a LSO cover. Will need to check it out - again!
Here's the full title
A Classic Case - The London Symphony Orchestra Plays the Music of Jethro Tull
Originally Posted By: ExerciseEditor
That's like when my sister said she had no idea that sting was with a band called the Police before he went solo. I almost [censored] slapped her. Sting was only good with the Police! I can't stand his solo stuff.

"Sting would be another person who's a hero - the music that he's created over the years - I don't really listen to it - but the fact that he's making it, I respect that." Hansel {he's so hot right now} Zoolander.
I will be sampling all that Beetle so thanks so much and I am so jealous that I wasn't a 70's wild child like you. The b&b owners we stayed with in Rainer were old hippies and told us we were like new hippies. Made me happy to hear that.
<Offended - NOT!> Now who's to say I'm WILD?
I'm sure there are members of my family, friends & childhood neighborhood that would agree. But I just have to me myself.

Had breakfast with college roommate this past Tuesday (hadn't seen nor much exchanging of anything in 30+ years). He just had just enrolled his youngest into our alma mater, University of Colorado. He was amazed that this retired pilot/officer steers away from the barber. I claim it's my spirituality toward my NA roots, that I spent many years having the close-cropped hairstyles and the fact that not spending on haircuts allows me to have a few pocket bucks to do what I please.

Okay, I might have a small streak of walking on the wild side.
Just discovered Rockin In The Free World. Love it!! This version is Neil Young & Pearl Jam.
Queen Aerosmith Deep Purple
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