Garth Brooks

Posted By: patd

Garth Brooks - 01/26/08 05:40 AM

Ok, the Garth Brooks fundraiser for the LA Fireman is on as i write this and i am shocked at his voice. Now, i *do* have a cold coming on so m/b it's my hearing but short of that i am stunned at how off key he is. It's hard to listen to. Anyone else experience this---i just need a little reality check, even if i'm nuts!

pat d
Posted By: Kathy-Country Music Editor

Re: Garth Brooks - 01/26/08 06:47 AM

I have to agree. I finally had to change the channel, the man couldn't hit the right note, IMO, to save his life. I wonder how much of it is because he isn't singing as much as he used to or if we just have rosy memories of his performances. Seems like I remember seeing him once before he became a big mega star and he sounded so much better than he did tonight.

I applaud the cause he was trying to help raise money for, but he needs to seriously reevaluate his "retirement" if he plans on singing again in the future. A voice coach would be a good thing if tonight was an indication of whats to come from him.
Posted By: patd

Re: Garth Brooks - 01/26/08 10:33 PM

Wow, thanks for the validation, Kathy. I wasn't watching alone or i would have changed the channel myself! It was extremely painful to listen to. And what's really interesting is his affect (emotion) and "stage presence" which were incredible, as if nothing was wrong. I know that was the "professional" way to be but it had the feeling some people sometimes call "schizophrenic" because it's "two things at once that really don't belong together" (as in the *real* sound and the "show/look" he was projecting).

My partner also suggested that m/b he was rusty since he'd been in retirement but that seems really bizarre to me. That would imply that neither he nor his professional singer wife realized how bad he is. That just doesn't seem possible. But then i guess the other option is that he just really wanted to support the firefighters and decided to do the show in spite of it. I think i read that he will be doing more (untelevised) shows, so it will be interesting to see if anything surfaces in the media about it as this goes on. I mean, i'd like to believe he really will improve even though i don't personally think that is the issue. I just believe that as much as he recorded and performed before he would have worked til he improved fairly easily before performing again. (I was so surprised that i looked up his age
[45 BD: 2/7/62] to see if he was older than he looks at it might just be age.)

Posted By: Jim Colyer

Re: Garth Brooks - 02/20/08 07:29 PM

I am going to demo a duet I wrote and pitch it to Garth and Trisha.
Posted By: patd

Re: Garth Brooks - 02/28/08 07:22 AM

Well, good luck, Jim! Let us know how it goes and what you think.

pat d
Posted By: Dale Arnold

Re: Garth Brooks - 12/11/08 11:55 PM

While Brooks may be a bit rusty in the vocal department today, I do have immense respect for him for walking away from it all at the peak of his career....because this was no longer a priority in his life. Too often artists....sports stars....and other professionals hang on long after the passion is gone! I still listen to Garth Brooks' stuff often, and I think he was one of the greatest country music artists of our times.
Posted By: Kathy-Country Music Editor

Re: Garth Brooks - 12/19/08 03:48 PM

Don't get me wrong, I still listen to his music too. I just wasn't impressed with his performance during the show. I too have respect for someone that can walk away when he knows he has higher priorities at the time. I just hope, if/when he makes a comeback that he works with a vocal coach to get his voice back into shape for live performances. Voices change as we age, not just during puberty, and he sounded like he needed some help at that point.
Posted By: Wonder

Re: Garth Brooks - 01/08/09 10:42 PM

Wow, I have not heard Garth for years, need to pick up his latest album :)
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