Posted By: MomsPaula What’s your story? - 05/08/06 10:34 PM

�Something Special�

My children look forward to the ritual buying of back-to-school sneakers. This shopping trip usually brings great excitement. However, my third son inherits so many hand-me-downs that I had lost track of his proper size and I believed him when he told me he needed a size 4 shoe.

When I arrived home, I was dismayed to realize his sneakers were a size too big. He, on the other hand, was thrilled with them so I let him wear them for a bit on the living-room carpet. The day I returned and replaced them with the proper size he said, �Now I�m just plain old Sam again.�

Mothers hear special things. Share an antidote with us!
Posted By: Mary_Ellen Re: What’s your story? - 05/08/06 11:22 PM
When my little brother was learning his right and left hands, he asked my mother what my dad's right name was. "John," replied my mother. The kid came right back at her with, "So, what's his left name?"
Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor Re: What’s your story? - 05/09/06 01:10 AM
The other day my 8 yr old daughter and 9 yr old niece were trying to sneak water balloons past us at my parents house.
My Mom (GranMama) saw them and called them into the living room and wanted to know what they were doing with the balloons.

Jordan (my daughter) said they were babies and they were having to "nursure" them.

Apparently the girls had seen an episode of "That's so Raven" where the teens had to take care of eggs for a home ec project - treating them like babies.

But Jordan got confused on the word "nurture", she thought it was short for the word "nursery", so said "nursure".

We instructed the girls to make bassinets out of the sinks in the bathroom and managed not to die laughing until they left the room. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: conniem Re: What’s your story? - 05/09/06 10:45 AM
My brother in law told me he caught my neice picking her nose. He told her "don't pick your nose". She said "I'm not, I'm just checking"
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 05/11/06 02:35 PM
I like this one....The day my toddler fell over laughing because there were apples on a "tree!"
Posted By: Mary_Ellen Re: What’s your story? - 05/11/06 11:24 PM
When my son was little, he had the absolute worst case of "Why?" I've ever seen. (Come to think of it, he hasn't really outgrown it at 15!) I know he was just keeping me engaged and trying to hold my attention, but one day I was worn out. He said "why?" I said, "Why not?" He was blissfully silent for oh, maybe five minutes; smiling and twinkling for the duration. I was pretty proud of that one. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 05/14/06 11:07 AM
New one, last night my youngest son asked, "Why does labour take so long. Don't the doctors work nights?"
Posted By: Judith, Football editor Re: What’s your story? - 05/15/06 04:24 PM
I was in the grocery store this morning. I fell a couple of days ago over the dishwasher door. This morning I fell because I lost my balance putting a 24 thing of cokes under the buggy. The handle broke and I fell. More embarassed than anything, but my son was concerned. I told him I lost my balance again. He said "Well, we need to find it". I agree before I am in the ER.
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Dove is a body products co. They started an ad campaign using "real sized " women in underwear, to increase the esteem of women and girls.
Anyway, with a proof of purchase you could send for a free Tshirt. I did, it came yesterday. I love it. It says "Be yourself, be beautiful"
Sam (my 9 year old)looked at it and said, "Yes I like it when you are yourself, and hugged me." Now could this mean, instead of in an insane rant? Oh well, different interpretations, for different folks.
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 06/12/06 11:42 AM
I spent Sunday trying to create an "old man's" beard, after my son confessed that he promised he would bring one for Monday's school play/concert. I found some gray fur in the hood of an old winter jacket. (no Sunday shopping here)

Gone are the days of sweet little boy outfits for concert day. Now it's which scruffy T-shirt and jeans can they slip by me. Dressing civilized is so un-cool.
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 06/21/06 09:50 AM
When discussing which hair style to try, my youngest son said he wanted an afro and his skin dyed as well. I explain that wasn't possible so next he described a hair style I couldn't understand. Later he brought a picture of the cut he wanted. Hair on the sides and bald on top!
Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor Re: What’s your story? - 06/21/06 02:45 PM
Saturday was one of those "rush" days - so the kids got poptarts for breakfast (I know- real nutritional!)

Anyway, Seth (3) decided in the middle of eating, that they forgot to pray, so everyone had to stop so we could pray.

Now the prayer is the little kid's prayer:
God is great, God is good
let us thank Him for this food... (and so on)

except when we got to the part about "food" Seth yells "no, no, not food - we're eating poptarts - thank Him for Poptarts!"

So we had to start the whole prayer over...

"God is great, God is good
Let us thank Him for these poptarts..."

I was burying my head in the table to keep from laughing out loud during the prayer - Seth was sooooo serious! <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: trishh Re: What’s your story? - 06/21/06 05:33 PM
My daughter was in trouble often when she was little. In our home, as I expect is the case in plenty of others, one would hear one's full name when a parent was pushed to the limits of patience. "Ceara Meredith Vaughan Heidebrecht!" she'd hear pretty often. One day, she caught her dad doing something she thought he shouldn't and warned him,
" Daddy Meredith Vaughan Heidebrecht!" He has never felt more warned, or forgotten it!
Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor Re: What’s your story? - 07/09/06 12:46 AM
We were watching the launch of the space shuttle last week (4th of July - how perfect!), and Seth, our 3 yr old goes "I want to go on a space ship!"

So my husband tells him when he gets bigger he can go on a spaceship (which would actually be my husband's dream come true) <img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

Seth goes, "I am bigger" because he had been to the Dr.s and they said he was getting bigger.

So I told him he had to be a grownup like Daddy to go on the space shuttle.

He thought about that for a minute and holds up his hand with his finger and thumb apart and says, "I'm a wittle, tiny grownup."

(He still can't say his L's!) <img src="/images/graemlins/heart.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 07/23/06 02:14 PM
I overheard a conversation between my 11 and 9 year olds. (Sam, 9, happened to be wearing biking shorts.)

Ben, who is 11 said, "What ya doin, smuggling plums?

Sam said, "No, I am revealing my inner self."
Posted By: hopekenzierj Re: What’s your story? - 07/31/06 05:55 PM
my son just started this. he will run up to me and grab my face and says :"make a funny face mommy" so i make the funniest fce i can think of and then he says "do agian". we both laugh we can do that for hours. thanks candy

P.S. i like this thread it reminds us moms that we do have those "special" momnets with our kids.
Posted By: Meg_Homeschooling Re: What’s your story? - 07/31/06 08:59 PM
I have four kids, 10, 7, 3 and 19 months. I am 7 months preg with #5. My 3 yr old DD, Jayden, decided she is having a baby too. She is going to have a girl named Cinnerella.

here is a conversation we had recently:

J: "Mom, the baby is coming out today, I have a bellyache. Her name is Cinnerella"

Me: "Oh yeah? How is the baby coming out?"

J: points to her rib cage and says "Dese magic doors open up and her gonna walk out!"

Me: "What is the baby going to eat?"

J: "Froot, duh, and boobie milk."

Then she got a thougtful look on her face and said..."I dont have big boobies though, so you have to feed the baby cuz you got big boobies"

Cute, eh?

Now Paula, the smuggling plums story is TOO MUCH! I almost spit my tea on the screen reading that!!

Posted By: DrGwenn Re: What’s your story? - 08/03/06 12:36 PM
When my 12 year old was 2 1/2 we took her to Disney World. It was some celebration and Cinderella's castle was made into a huge cake. The Disney Channel kept showing pictures of it and my daughter would often say "ra's cabble debbit a cake". Beyond castle and cake we had no idea what she was trying to say. She was beyond frustrated with us.

When we got to Disney and strolled her down Main Street, she pointed to the castle and clear as a bell said "See. Ra's castle really did turn into a cake".

Thankfull, when daughter #2 came alone, we had daughter #1 to translate! Our own family babble fish.
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 08/11/06 02:34 PM
Nearing the end of a 1 1/2 hour drive, Sam said, �I think my water just broke.�
My oldest son Aaron stated, �Huh, you aren�t pregnant.�
Sam replied, �Oh, what do you say when you are about to pee?�

Once I forgot to bring a diaper, for my bed-wetting son, on an overnight at my Mom�s. He was 4 years old at the time. My mother produced an adult diaper from the pack that had been used for my aged grandmother. As I was helping to secure the tabs on the diaper waistband, which reached to under his armpits. My wide-eyed son said, �What kind of baby was this?�
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 08/29/06 03:47 PM
I recently learned that I am in the (sometimes) habit of raising my voice and becoming more insistent when my kids don�t answer me.

The other day my son brought this to my attention by sticking his finger up to my face, saying, �Don�t be rude, I am trying to hear what my brother is saying.�
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 12/15/06 02:27 AM
While discussing with my 12 year old son, his new perspective on Christmas. He said, "It all makes sense now. When I was younger if I wanted a special Christmas gift, I would keep it a secret, and only whisper it to Santa Claus after I went to bed at night. But, he would never bring those special gifts to me."

When I would ask what he thought was special, he would say "nothing."
Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor Re: What’s your story? - 12/22/06 05:55 PM
Jordan (9) and Seth (4) have been really fighting lately and getting on each other's nerves.

Just a few minutes ago I heard Jordan say, "Do you need to take and N-A-P?"

Seth, "NO!"

Jordan, "Do you even know what that spells?"

Seth, "Yes, bed!"

His spelling may not be accurate - but he's definitely got the association down! <img src="/images/graemlins/tongue2.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: JanZeiger Re: What’s your story? - 12/22/06 07:25 PM
My little one was telling me that he didn't want to pick up his toys. I asked him why and he said, "Don't you know? Picking up toys is bad for your body and bad for your brain."

He'll make up any excuse to avoid cleaning up!
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 02/13/07 11:04 PM
My young son recently took his first "study for" test. The evening before the test he told me that he didn't know what to study, because the only information that he had was a notebook with stuff they had already learned in class.
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 03/19/07 07:04 PM
My young son was eagerly stirring the ingredients of a new recipe he found on the peanut butter jar, when he gasped, "I forgot to wash my hands!" He recovered quickly and added, "It's OK, I washed them a couple of times yesterday.

Hygiene lessons coming right up!
Posted By: iwonder Re: What’s your story? - 03/24/07 01:54 AM
I love these stories. Apples in trees! Why Not! I'm actually going to use that one. My daughter (who is now 18) came home from the first day of kindergarden, I asked her what she did that day. She said, well my teacher read us the stupidest story. Really, what was it about? Snow White and some dorks! We laughed, she laughed. We still laugh. --I think she absolutely loved it when we laughed because that would have meant we thought that it was pretty funny too, and how silly was her teacher.
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 05/05/07 11:03 PM
My son asked if I knew God's last name.

I replied that God didn't have a last name.

My son then asked, how do we know that we are related to him then.
Posted By: MomsPaula Re: What’s your story? - 08/30/07 04:10 PM
Upon hearing a radio ad for our area newspaper, my son asked, "What are the Chronicles of Herald about?"

The paper is, The Chronicle Herald
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