Alphabet Activities for Pre-Reading

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Alphabet Activities for Pre-Reading - 05/08/19 06:55 PM

Here are some ideas beyond singing the ABC song to learn letters of the alphabet.

Alphabet Activities for Pre-Reading
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Re: Alphabet Activities for Pre-Reading - 06/21/19 08:49 PM

Hello Connie,

Do you have any ideas about how to teach illiterate grannies to read and write? I now that is a huge question and of course one can be overwhelmed with the information that is available but n the first instance, I want to teach the alphabet and numbers 1-10, then teach them to write the letters forming them 'properly' and then to put the right ones together so that they can write their names. I m told that would be a great treat and allow them to open a bank account or similar. Most of the ladies I will be teaching are 70+ - this is an initiative run by an old age home near me. I have yet to go and meet them.

Any general advice and comments from you and all would be most welcome. I don't envisage having to teach the concepts behind reading and writing - just how to do it. I don't think I will tell them that this word is a conjunction or that a pronoun etc. - I will just use the words in context and teach them that way. Maybe one or two would want to read books (and I will react accordingly) but I doubt it from what I have heard. They need to be able to read prices, street signs, specials at the veggie store ... things like that.

Okay, thanks and all - P S I tried to open a new thread for Adult Literacy but it kept returning me to this thread without the option, hence the odd followup!
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