Using Old Soap?

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Using Old Soap? - 10/05/04 01:14 AM

I'm wondering if there is any way to "melt" old soap and re-mold it?
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Re: Using Old Soap? - 11/08/04 11:05 PM

I melt down all my old odds and ends of soap in my crock pot with a little goat milk and then pour the gloppy mess into my log mold. It's always a surprise as to how it turns out, color and scent, that is, but I don't waste a shred of soap that way and I feel like the consummate economical hausfrau. Usually it takes only a few days for the loaf to dry out enough to us.

-Di Spicer
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Re: Using Old Soap? - 01/17/05 12:37 AM

hmm I dont have a log mold, is there something else I can do with soap ends?
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Re: Using Old Soap? - 01/30/05 02:31 PM

Letitia you can do a couple of different things with your soap ends.

When I get down to a soap end, I'll wet it and stick it to a regular size bar. That way it gets absorbed into the soap as it's used and it's not wasted.

You can also save them up, melt them down in a double boiler and then pour them into a bread pan that you've lined with Saran Wrap. When it hardens, turn the pan over and pop it out. Pull the wrap off and cut it into chunks. You can also use cookie cutters if it's relatively thin to make shapes.

I also had a recipe that you could take all the soap ends put them in a blender add some water and oil (I'm thinking it was Aloe Vera) and have a liquid soap. That article was taken down while someone else had the Soapmaking topic but let me see if I can find that one.

You can also rebatch the soap ends. I'll have to check and see if that article is still up and if not, I'll post the instructions for you. It's basically like shredding the old soap and hand molding them back together to make a larger chunk.
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Re: Using Old Soap? - 04/20/06 03:16 PM

i make a milled soap which is white and chop up all the odds and end from my other soaps i make add the two together it comes out great if you dont have a loaf mold use a jelly mold or a plastic tupperware container
put mixture in mold put in freezer for a couple of hours to set when frozen turn out on to a flat surface to dry slice while soft as it will crumble if you leave it to dry first this is quite a popular seller
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Re: Using Old Soap? - 11/12/06 01:33 AM

Is this store bought or handmade?
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Re: Using Old Soap? - 03/23/07 06:36 PM

You could make soap balls. They are pretty. You can melt soap in a slow cooker, in the oven or on the stove top.
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Re: Using Old Soap? - 04/14/10 05:02 PM

I think they are talking about odds and ends of handmade soap.I have a lot, i tried grating & adding to water and making liquid soap, didnt work! yucky mess.
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