Has anyone here made handmade paper to wrap their soaps? I think that is a great project given that we get sooo much junk mail and paper daily. Any thoughts on this?

Will be making some paper this weekend and will try posting the pics.

I have never made paper for my soaps. I use tissue paper (gift wrapping) left over from gifts.

I am curious how your handmade papers turn out and look forward to seeing some pictures.
Posted By: jujubean Re: Making handmade paper to wrap soaps - 06/15/12 03:25 AM
My soaps are wrapped in homemade recylced paper. I especially like to lace the paper with an herb that coordinates with the "flavor" of the soap. My only complaint is the amount of time it takes. You can use stuff like window screen, or cheesecloth to give the paper a texture that makes it feel like fabric. I mold the sheet in the deckle, get most the water out of it with felt, then press the damp paper against the screen or cheesecloth to get the texture. [img:center][/img]
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