There is something about the prairie dog that is captivating, the love they crave, and the love they freely give. Enjoy the article on the pet prairie dog, the prairie dog pictures, and the prairie dog videos. One of the videos about prairie dogs is the cutest baby (pup). You have got to see it. You will also hear the sound that they make, one of many sounds, and many forms of communication. What are your experiences with prairie dogs? Do you feel the ban is fair or right?

Prairie Dog as a Pet
CDC dropped the ban on them. There is still a separate ban on importing African rodents that wasn't dropped but owning any already here is now legal again.
I am very glad to see this. I am sure there is some very happy prairie dog owners. Does that mean domestic pd's can be bought?
Yeah it's legal to buy them and I'm sure some have them for sale but I think they are still uncommon. Probably many also still think it's illegal but you can find the info on the CDC site explaining it was reversed.
Good news, I will have to update the article. Thank you very much. Do you have prairie dog's? You don't often see things like this reversed. Common sense prevailed smile
It was a "temporary ban" that lasted years. It was a nice surprise when they reversed it. I don't have any but have know people with them.
Really I feel kind of fortunate I haven't seen many things reversed when it has to do with exotics.

Prairie Dog as a Pet
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