I accidently locked it and can�t seem to unlock it.

Next question:

What wrapping can be ingested, changed by digestive juices to a sharp substance like glass, and cut up the inside of a pet? What is the name of the wrapping?

Don't forget you get a gold star!
The answer to this is cellophane

Right again Calla, I am going to run out of gold starts at this rate lol.

This answer originated from Happy Safe Holidays from Exotic Pets BellaOnline

Next question coming up
What exotic pet can easily live to 30 years but has an average lifespan of only 5 years? Hint, still on Exotic Pets BellaOnline�s main page.
I want a gold star :( cockatiel you made that one too easy, don't give hints

Ok, congrats, and I will give no more hints - good answer though
What organ on a fish allows it to rise and fall in the water and how?

All answers are at Exotic Pets BellaOnline
swim bladder they take in air for they can rise and fall in the water, I found it in the Children's Pet House how fish swim.
You got it! The kids have had a blast with the fish series. I am working on turtles now.
What does the word macropods mean, and refers to what type of exotic pet or pets?

Remember every single answer can be found here Exotic Pet articles
macropods it means big foot like on a wallaby from the family marsupials

Gold star for Calla! We got a bright group here. Get ready for the next question.

Find the answers

Can you name one macaw that is extinct?
Spix's Macaw

Very good, I am going to have to get another box of gold stars!
What animal needs fresh water and ocean salt water to survive? Remember, all the answers can be found Exotic Pets BellaOnline
Hermit crabs

Well done Calla. Sorry I am late had to run to the store for a new box of stars.
What a animal can live in a burrow or live in a tree, they have irritating hairs what am I?

All answers can be found here <a href=BellaOnline ALERT: Raw URLs are not allowed in these forums for security reasons. Please use UBB code. If you don't know how to do UBB code just post here for help - we will help out!
Tarantulas have irritating hairs, maybe even irriting heirs :) There are many tarantulas and they can live in trees, on the ground or burrow under the ground. How is the gold star supply going, did I miss out?
Correct and there is a whole box of new gold stars. Picked them up at Staples in Huron South Dakota, yah right lol. Very good, tarantula is the right answer

What weighs two to four pounds and has a four chamber stomach?

You can find the answer here
Pigmy goats!
Congrats good answer. Another gold star smile

I just can't get over how tiny those babies are.

What animal deplores water and would rather take a dust bath?

You can find the answer here
Exotic Pet Index
The Chinchilla
Correct a gold star for you

Here is one no one is going to figure out - what exotic pet looks like an orchid - double gold stars for this one.

All answers are here
It is my understanding that wasps pollinate orchids because they look like the other gender of wasps. But who keeps wasps as pets?
Some of the orchids are pollinated by bees, though. And bees are certainly kept by people. Not really pets, again, but as least there is husbandry at work. smile
No - this exotic pet looks just like an orchid. I will link a picture of it once someone gets the answer.
Orchid Praying Mantis

Very good Beetlemess! You got it. I will go search for a picture of the little guy they are pretty.

What is tiny like a mouse - has long legs like a chicken that can hop like a wallabye?

All answers are found here
A Gerbil or Kangaroo Rat are a bit larger than a mouse, so I would suspect that a Pygmy Jerboa fits the description.
Sounds like it fits the bill to me too. They are rather cute. Congrats again!
What animal gets parrot mouth?

Where to find the answer to the above question smile
Yay! I found it!

The Orchid Praying Mantis!!!

But I also read somewhere else that there is the Peruvian Inca Orchid Dog.

Please, may I have two gold stars? smile

Oh, wait. Just saw that someone got it first. frown
You can have two gold starts for persistence and perseverance smile

Ta DA!

We still have an unanswered question folks.
Miniature donkeys!

Goats and donkeys actually congrats!
What exotic pet in my articles doesn't need a male to mate?

Here you will find the answerExotic Pets

Parthenogenic reproduction stick insects - you asked a question how do males come about if the females only lay female eggs? Can I ask a question here?

Congrats Reptilepop on the answer. That is a good question, and I did notice you started a new threat on the subject. I will head there.
Can any milk replacement product be used on any infant animal? The answer can be found here! We are giving out free stars for the correct answer!

Exotic Pets BellaOnline
There are several milk replacment products for cows, horses, little animals, but Petag puts out two different ones, one for pups and one for kittens, pretty much all exotic mammals would fall into one catagory or the other KMR or Esbilac Milk Replacer.

Correct answer! I remember have about forty drop calves on our ranch when I was a teenager. That was a lot of bottle feeding and bottle washing. I don�t remember what company put it out but there was a special milk replacer for calves.

Ready for the next question folks?
Besides the obvious food, heat, cool, humidity, cleanliness, and water when considering many exotic pets like countless birds, herd animals, primates, and other exotics there is one thing that is a common factor with these pets as well as with humans. What is that commonality the very special need they all require?

Answers can always be found here

Exotic Pets BellaOnline
This question eluded me yesterday but after reading the finger monkey article I think I�ve got it. Socializing
Right you are Calli and congratulations on the correct answer. I am trying to come up with questions that aren't so easy to Google. The article Calli is referring to is Finger Monkeys

Here is your gold star!
Why would it be dangerous for your exotic pet if your electric to go out for a long time in the winter? Which type of animal would it affect the most?

The answers can be found here. Exotic Pets BellaOnline
I am going to guess before I read the article: Aquariam fish? Iquanas would be affected, too, because they have to keep warm. Now I will go read the article to see if I guessed right.
Hmmm...I could not find the answer. I will check again.
You are so close Phyllis, what class do iguanas and fish belong? invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles They are all ....
Ectotherms? Cold blooded. Phyllis had it on the tip of her tongue. Sorry Phyllis I feel like a stole the answer from you.

Congrats - reptilepop! Share some of the stardust with Phyllis!
What exotic pet, that we have discussed, has no brain? The answer is here!Exotic Pets BellaOnline
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