A bill pending in Congress that would ban selling primates as pets, in addition, Captive Primate Safety Act on February 24, 2009 cleared the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 323-95. Across the US owning primates or frankly all exotic pets� laws are fragmented from local, state to the federal level. Currently a bill pending in Congress would ban selling primates as pets. After seeing the veiled face of the women disfigured and knowing her friend was killed; is this the best course of action?
Yes a federally adopted bill banning primates as pets is far overdue. The people that have been damaged by their pet primates is what will drive this bill toward passage but frankly my concern is from the view of the primate - they are not pets, are not now nor will they ever be domecticated and even if it were possible to domesticate them why would we do that to yet another species? We need to protect their habitat, protect them as the wild animals they are and stop using them to entertain us.
I am going to throw a fire on the flame, are we talking chimps or the smaller type primates popular to the pet industry?
All primates should be banned as pets. This would help eliminate abuse on so many levels from black market trade to habitat destruction to those animals that are neglected, abandoned and outright abused when they are no longer as cute as the day they were purchased. I can only guess at the number of animals that died for every monkey out there as a pet and bottom line these animals were not put on this earth to amuse and be owned by us. Our responsibility now lies is allowing them space to live as nature intended.
The great apes were certainly not meant to be captured by humans insulted by association, embarrassed by the involvement. They have advanced, social structures of their own, often more humane than what we have displayed. After all, they aren�t out trying to capture and domesticate every other animal on the planet. They are taking care if their families.

Monkeys; also advanced social structures, and not a great deal of difference than the great apes, perhaps intelligence proportion but still quite brainy and clever.

Think about what we do that makes monkey highly uncomfortable, for example you never make direct eye contact with them. It creates a fear response, can be considered hostile, or threatening. I first learned of this many years ago from a primate specialist who was watching me watch the monkeys. I could feel the monkey was uncomfortable but wasn�t certain why. It was the direct eye contact.

Now the chimp attack, the two women obviously were female. The chimp a male, it is his position as a male to dominate these females. As he got older it was well within his social structure to dominate these females with any means possible.

Cruel, but true. They had no business with a chimp. Well, at least the female �that owned� the monkey, the second female was simply trying to save her friend. I am not going to say it outright, but the chimp was within his own correct behavior determined by social order and structure.

On top of that the xanax could of enhanced the feelings of this dominate male ape.
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