Posted By: DeniseExoticPets What type of exotic pet do you own? - 05/21/06 02:52 PM
Posted By: familychoice Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 05/21/06 04:28 PM
I've got a cat. Not impressed? Well he can speak French.
Is his favorite phrase "feed me", "pet me", or something else?
Posted By: Mavis Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 05/21/06 07:41 PM
Well, I guess the dogs & cats aren't very exotic, but I've got 3 dogs and my daughter has 4 cats. My daughter also has a little bunny. Then there are my birds (about 35 or so) and my 3 aquariums of fish including a large albino Oscar.

Over the years we have had guinea pigs, chinchillas, lots more bunnies, hamsters (both dwarf and normals), gerbils, geckos and many more birds.
Well, I guess the dogs & cats aren't very exotic

I've seen some I thought were quite exotic ... I love all animals (well, almost all) so what species they are really doesn't matter to me.

I'll tell you though, my cat Mini-me is quite mixed up. She's not sure what species she is. For awhile she thought she was a dog. The dogs tried to convince her otherwise and finally gave up. Then she thought she was a duck - but she didn't like the food except on live mealworm/cricket day. (She slept with them at night and hung out all day. It was really funny.) When the other birds came along she gave that a shot too, but she quit hanging out with them when a macaw used her tail for dental floss <img src="/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Dr_Wright Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 05/22/06 09:50 AM
I have a tribble, it lives on my desk
Posted By: 0137 Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 02/18/07 03:38 AM
I have a 1 Nanday,1 quaker,5 cockatiels, 2 parrakeets,1 orange faced conure, and 1 sun conure. Shirl
Posted By: 0137 Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 02/18/07 03:46 AM
The Nanday says good boy and pretty bird, the quaker says pretty bird,mama,coffe,be a good boy (to Clyde). Shirl
Posted By: Erika@Crime Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 02/28/07 11:33 PM
What is a tribble?
You must not be a Trekkie .... Tribbles were interesting little creatures from one of the original Star Trek episodes.
Posted By: ParrotHead Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 03/06/07 02:39 PM
The episode was "The Trouble with Tribbles" wink
Posted By: nurselainio Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 08/28/07 08:20 PM
smile Hi ...I am new here
I have lots of pets and not sure if you would label them exotic or not...5 dogs...3 cats...2 ducks...1 rabbit...1 nanday conure and 1 goose and love each one of them
Posted By: nursechristy Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 11/13/07 07:45 PM
I have 3 hermit crabs, 3 cats, a dog and 4 chickens.
They all think they are human-especially the dog and the cats.

They like to sit around on all the furniture and not move over, and they like to try to eat with us at the table. When we aren't looking, Patches (our rat terrier) jumps on the table and eats whatever is there.
I think my chickens are planning a take-over....

The hermit crabs are very quiet about their plans to rule the world,but I figured out that if I give them plenty of fruit, they forget about their plans temporarily and I can buy myself a little more time.
I probably posted before but I'll update.

As of today (because one never knows with the family I have!) we have 2 dogs, a cat, a gecko, an asian anole, a rat, a cichlid tank and a tank full of various community fish.

This is a low of animals for us and actually the most normal we've had in a long time wink

Posted By: phox Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 02/05/08 01:06 AM
ok , how about 4 cats , 1 dog ,1 coyote and a oppossum. They all live in the house and even get along now and then.
I think the episode title was: "Tribble Troubles"

I love Tribbles.
At one point, We had a Dog, a Cat, Three Snakes, one Burmese Albeno Python, one Normal Python and one Royal Python, One Bos Monitor and a Chilli Rose Turanula, oh and a Newt and 21 Carp fish.
A Newt? What is a newt, Nicola? I am sure I should know what that is - is it reptile?
A Newt is a tiny little lizard, that usually lives near water, or in boggy ground. (I think!)
Posted By: Claybird Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 03/21/08 11:02 PM
Actually, (Please pardon me but I can't help it, I was a Biology major!) a newt is an amphibian, related to frogs and such. They have thin delicate skin and have to live in damp places and lay their eggs in water. Unlike lizards who have thick skin, like dry warm places and lay eggs on land.
Lesson over, now you can whack me upside the head.
Posted By: KSSassy Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 04/20/08 10:51 PM
I don't really "own" anyone. They own me -- and my wallet.

I am a foster and sanctuary home for House Rabbit Society & Doberman Rescue. The current bunnies in residence are:

Bitsy Brittany, Taupo Gigio, Merri & Victoria, Mateo, Michael & Ricky, Lucretia, Beauregard, Madison & Christian, Allen-a-dale, Harley, Awesome Blossom, Mittens, Elsbeth & Victor, Rusty, Bear, Mouse & Silver, Gracie & Spencer, Anna, Stephanie & Duncan, WeeOne, HersheyBar, Bobby, Onyx, Aiden, Damien & Zachary, Jazz, Prince Valiant, Beauty & Harvey, and Karen Leah (Karen is named after the animal psychic Karen Anderson).

The chinchillas in residence are father and son, Dante & Rene.

The guinea pig in residence is Pugsly.

The Doberman Pinschers are Hallie McDobe (She was displaced by the hurricanes in Mississippi. She was 6 years old when I adopted her.) and Clarke WuffinE (he is my foster Doberman, a red with natural ears approximately one year old).

When I bought my house, I went to a rural area and purchased a ranch home with a walk out basement on an acre of land. The downstairs, with the exception of the laundry room, is for the bunnies. All of the bunnies, except Karen Leah and Brittany, live in large pens, we do not house rabbits in cages. Brittany is ill and is living upstairs in my bedroom right now and Karen Leah refuses to stay in a pen. She is like Houdini. I gave up and she has the run of the entire area. Everyone is litter box trained and they all have toys and boxes for hiding. The floor is tile and they have scatter rugs so they don't slip and slide. They have their own refrigerator and both rooms have TVs and DVD players with a selection of children's movies.

Pugsly has his own area and the Dante & Rene have a large two story house with a big wheel for running.
Posted By: Raynefalls Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 05/06/08 01:51 PM
We are owned by 2 Great Danes, 1 evil black cat and 2 ferrets.
Posted By: sugaababy Re: What type of exotic pet do you own? - 11/15/08 02:42 AM
i have 3 cats 1 dog 2 ferrets 1 betta and 1 sugar glider... i used to have 8 of them ( momma had 4 litters of joeys =) ) but my BF started to get annoyed with 4 cages of animals in our bedroom lol so i kept the first baby they had and had to sell the rest to a loving home =(
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