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Nothing much beats the feeling of a wiggly nose in the neckshoulder. This is a body part you develop only when you have had a baby or when you have a pet rabbit. Rabbits are not a object you give as a gift nor should one be bought on impulse. How to care for the pet rabbit. A house rabbit can be an exceptional pet! Pet Rabbits.

Rabbits - Pet Rabbits
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Thanks for this article! I just wanted to check it to make sure there was no misinformation given. I sometimes come across posts or articles that give oit the wrong info, but yours was spot on! I' ve been a bunny for 9 1/2 and years. My bunny Calvin made it to 6 years old, and his brother Jordan lived to be 9 1/2 Jordan just passed away December 7th. I'm heart broken. RIP Jordan July 2003 - December 7th 2012
Glad you came by hope you continue to do so. I am so sorry about your little bunny passing on. I raised rabbits for a good many years. Use to show blue satins. They are a sweet affectionate animals and show it in their owns ways as all animals do in their own sweet ways.

How did you become interested in pet rabbits?
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It was actually by chance. I grew up with dogs and a cat,and had loved animals all my life, but when it came time for me to move away from home all apartments had a no dog no cat policy. I lived about 6 months without any animals to share my home with, then it dawned on me...'why don't I get a rabbit!" I really had no clue at first but learned quick, and Calvin himself taught me plenty too. Jordan came 6 months later. He was actually thought to be a she and given the name the name Jordyn with a y but "spay" time came and it was discovered he was a boy. The two off them were bonded but still, there were plenty of little tussles when they were young. So you don't have the blue satins anymore? What caused you to get out of it? Calvin was a hot tot mini lop and Jordan was agouti holland lop. I'm really torn up about Jordan passing away, I cry all time...but he was older bunny with chronic disease, heart disease, and glaucoma. I think he's probably care free and having the best time right now with Calvin while I'm stuck here alone in misery.
I never got rid of the blue satins that was thirty plus years ago. My first discovery of rabbits was when I was a kid we lived on a ranch. I learned to feed, provide veterinarian needs, breed ect. My first house rabbit I was maybe 17 or 18 had an apartment. My brother moved out from Illinois (I lived in Ca at the time). He went on a business trip and promised to bring me home a cockatoo. He came in and so did my hard sided kennel. I looked inside and the white animal inside did NOT look like a cockatoo lol. It was a little white rabbit maybe three months at best. He was just the sweetest little fellow. After I had my two kids, they were still very young is when I got the blue satins. The kids were two and four or thereabouts. My youngest is 31 my son passed away at 15.

My other brother had raised thousands of rabbits. He had a rabbit
farm in Kansas. These obviously were pet rabbits but for meat. He was an officer and was stationed in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi King at the time asked to visit with him about raising rabbits. It would have been economically feasible for the Saudi's to raise rabbits as a food source. I hate talking about animals as pets as a food source. However, it is part of my background and much of this was a driving factor to who I am now.

I did have several house rabbits on several occasions.

My very first "exotic pet" I was 3 years old maybe (this is a lesson on what NOT to do). Someone in my family bought be a tiny red-eared slider. (not legal to sell such young turtles any longer). No one in my family knew how to take care of a turtle. I have very vague memories of playing with him under the dining room table. I remember the container, clearish plastic with a green palm. I remember having the turtle and then I didn't have memories so I assume he didn't last long.

I'll end the stories except to mention the next exotic was a baby alligator my brother smuggled from Florida when he was a young teen. Another big not to do. I was maybe eleven when he bought that alligator for me.

Losing pets is hard. I have lost many over the years and I do look forward to seeing them again someday. Hopefully, your pain will slowly change to happy memories.

What other pets have you had? What kinds of dogs and cats? Any exotics per say?
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Wow, an alligator?? I'm a vegetarian so those are types of animals I tend go gravitate towards. I know every living being's got go eat to live though, and if you're born a carnivore then so be it. I turned veg actually after getting my first bunny, and hearing all *those*stories. That's funny you mention Kansas. I grew up in Kansas City, Missori not far from the state line. Nope...the bunnies were as exotic an animal I ever had. I always thought it was kind of weird that in vet medicine rabbits are classified as exotics. The dogs I grew up with were -Bailey a beagle, Devin irish setter mix, and Toby a cocker spaniel. The cat was just I dont know a regular cat, not like persian or anyhing. Yeah I'm here with a huge whole in my heart without Jordan being with me.. I've had pets pass to but this time it's just way worse. I just can't accept it, and I don't know... he was everything to me and now I have nothing.
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The word exotic is thrown around quite a bit. Some people consider anything not a dog or cat exotic. Even then some dogs and cats are exotic.

I think someone that allows one's heart to feel that deeply about an animal is an amazing person. My heart goes out to you and the loss of your rabbit.
My brother, many many years ago played for a band. He was on tour and went to Florida. (by bus) He bought an alligator while he was there and brought it home to me. This is a story all about what not to do when it comes to exotic animals. I was a small child. No one in the family knew a thing about alligators. I believe my brother had been around 17 I was 10. The little guy didn't fair to well I am afraid. I think that is why I try my best to educate before people choose pets.
I could not agree more reptilepop. I have a great deal of difficulty coping with a loss of a pet. I am always close to my animals, very much an important part of my family.
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Thanks for your article. They are cute and lovely and I don't find any kind problem keeping them. I have two, they are very naughty, but I love them.
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