Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Do Dragons Exist - 04/01/12 07:01 PM
One of the greatest mysteries of all times is seemingly answered, part of the answer through archeological evidence. You tell me, after reading the evidence, do dragons exist?

Do Dragons Exist
Posted By: Mona - Astronomy Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/01/12 07:21 PM
Loved your article, Diana! It was great fun and would make an exciting story. What next?
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/01/12 07:43 PM
I'll never tell. I have been pondering this one for a while. Maybe I'll tell you where to find a dragon breeder smile I never play with fiction much, so I am having fun exploring it. I would imagine, this story will be explored with much more depth.
Posted By: loong Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/01/12 08:38 PM
To Diana,

This is loong/dragon writing to you.If it's an April fools day
article, I do not find it funny.The dragon is known in every
country .Some say the dragon is bad ,the chinese are in Asia
the only people that consider a dragon to be good.

However ,behind every legend is truth.

I do not know to smile or not,

a simple Buddhist named
Posted By: Francine - German Culture Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/01/12 09:19 PM

Do Dragons exist Loong? Well perhaps not in the form that Walt Disney portrays them but in certain forms, including animal life, yes.

I also follow the Buddhist philosophy and have done since my teenage years�..which is a long time ago�.. and have learnt that sometimes life must not be taken too seriously.

One of my sons was born in a Chinese Dragon year and yes when one reads about the whole thing that surrounds that year, he is definitely a Dragon from that particular period, whilst his brother, a completely different animal, is basically true to his period also.

What was it the Dalai Lama said:
This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

And he could add humor, because our current Dalai Lama has proved he has that in abundance many times over.

So I would say �smile' Loong, the Dalai Lama probably would.

Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/01/12 10:17 PM
Dear Loong,
I am glad you did not find it funny because it was not meant to be funny. My dragon is a representation for what is good, kind, loving, and perhaps a beginning of something better. I intentionally published on April Fool's Day only because it is the one day of the year when I can perhaps, get away with a bit of fiction, a taste of my soul, the beauty of my dragon. We all personify the dragon differently. The veil is very thin between the living world and the spirit world. They overlap. To me my dragon is what humanity could be, if perhaps more people had followed Budda's teachings. We need to know WHO we are and what we are capable of, my dragon personifies exactly that.
Posted By: skunkmom Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/01/12 10:59 PM
I think it is a beautiful story and a breath of fresh air. The dragon is mythical and the story should be taken as it was meant to be taken. We all take ourselves to seriously if we can take joy in this story.
Posted By: loong Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/02/12 12:45 AM
Dear Dianna,

Sorry if I came in too strong.I am a very gentle person.
I deeply apologise.

a simple buddhist named
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/02/12 12:58 AM
There is no need for apology. I never imagined offending anyone with my dance with fantasy. I just felt it was important for you to understand the reasons behind my story. It troubles me if I hurt anyone's feelings, for any reason.

Things affect me deeply. I found an ant in my microwave, it still sickens me to think he suffered on account of me. I will never turn it on again without looking first!
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/02/12 01:15 AM
Check out the latest at Exotic Pets BellaOnline. Since it is April Fool's Day I enjoy one flight of fantasy. Serious articles about exotic pets can be found here. 100's of quality articles about exotic pets!

Be sure to subscribe to the Exotic Pets newsletter. (look to the right under the two yellow circles, forum and contact information)

Do dragons exist, determine this yourself Do dragons exist?
Posted By: george57 Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/02/12 02:58 AM
I loved the dragon story, except I can watch her write from across the room. I am the first one to hear each creation. Do no harm, she is the gentlest of spirits. But I suppose husbands shouldn't be lurking in forums.
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/02/12 03:59 AM
I think my hubby is bored. He quit smoking I am so proud of him! Now I've got to hide his bookmark to the forum lol.
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/02/12 05:56 AM
I wonder where the stories of myth and lore came from, especially the great dragon. What are your thoughts?
Posted By: Calla Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 05:10 PM
I think you ought to try fiction more often you have a lot of potential. That was good. I was curious if you researched an area, if the place described in your story really existed. It does. Nicely done. you should have saved that one for a long story. Your word count is too limited here. I hope this story has a continuation someday? The dragon must have been born for a reason. Tell us!
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 05:32 PM
Diana, your article is delightful and so fun to read. I love it.

Where does lore and myth come from? Well, in all my research and writing on folklore and mythology, I find that in the society in which it is told, a myth is usually regarded as a true account of the remote past.

So, therefore, as sure as there is smoke and fire, there are dragons, and, according to Puff, in caves, on mountain tops, by the sea, there they be.
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 05:34 PM
I am still watching Peep videos, be right with you lol
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 05:39 PM
That story has been parked in my brain for a long time. There is something about dragons that stirs my soul. To me they are the beginning, far from evil, rebirth.
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 05:48 PM
NOooooooooooooo, Puff the Magic Dragon is looping through my head!!!!! I loved Peter, Paul, and Mary smile
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 06:18 PM
Oh! Peter, Paul, and Mary were so good. Puff was my favorite song and I sang it to my kids all the time. I have that music from Beetle's last link to the Peeps running around my head...

Hey! Maybe we can write a story about Puff and the Peeps...
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 06:28 PM
I sang that to my kids and it was one of my favorites and also John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads. The kids would light up!
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 07:09 PM
Almost Heaven, Peeps and Dragons
Blue winged Dragons
Peeps romping by the river...
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 07:26 PM
That was beautiful, I could almost hear the harmonic balance. The sun calls me to go forth and reduce neighbor puppy waste. Oh! There is a note on my door, the road is being dug up, my sidewalk, all my hedges...can they do that? All on account of the new water park that will be a short stone's throw from my house.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 07:48 PM
Oh no! They are going to dig up your hedges? Will they replace them?

I have to go help my brother do more painting in his house. We are just finishing up downstairs then have to start much work!
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/03/12 10:04 PM
The house was built in 1885, I have a plat map showing tree and hedge locations. These hedges are very old and were nowhere near the sidewalk or the street when they were planted. They are big, filled in, and provide privacy, especially with a corner lot and it will be the main drag to the new water park. This city replace them,I doubt it, but I am not going to be placid about the whole thing.

Enjoy your painting. I love to paint. I get to daydream all I want when doing yard work or painting lol. The yard is ready for the weekend. I just picked my rosemary my hands smell so good!
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/04/12 03:53 PM
What are your thoughts about dragons? Is there always some truth in myths? Was the concept of dragon something made up because what they actually saw was so horrifying the brain just refused to acknowledge it? Was the dragon more of a serpent? What are your thoughts about the dragon?

How many people would like a dragon as an exotic pet? I know I would, if it is the critter that is molded in my fantasies.
Posted By: skunkmom Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/04/12 05:07 PM
I have often wondered the same thing. Where did the concept of the dragon come from. The myth is certainly far and wide, known in many countries for many years.

If it is Puff, or like the Dragon's of Pern, or even Eragon I would love to have a dragon.
Posted By: Calla Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/04/12 05:59 PM
I guess many of us grew up in the Puff the Magic dragon era. I read the Eragon books but didn't watch the movie. If these were the choice for dragons, who wouldn't want a pet dragon? But, if they are mean and evil? They can stay in the dark world if that is where they came from.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/04/12 06:53 PM
I just signed on and saw an ad above that says 'Online Degrees'. I could swear when I first looked it said 'Online Dragons'...

I have dragons on my mind today. Even in the wispy clouds I saw some dragons flying up there. Maybe I need a nap. smile

Would I have a dragon for a pet? I think so, as long as it was a gentle one like Puff. I even like that dragon in the Shrek movie -- you know...the one that fell in love with Donkey.

I think there are all kinds of dragons, some good, some not so good. Dragons are symbolic of longevity, wisdom, and magic.

I do believe there are truths hidden within myths, Diana. If one reads William B. Yeats book, The Celtic Twilight, and Lady Gregory's book, of Complete Irish Mythology, one will begin to ponder about just how much truth there is in myths. smile

Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/05/12 06:12 PM
I think I will get both those books the next time I get by the library. The subject really fascinates me. I love pondering the whys and hows of past civilizations. I also wonder about some of the objects and writings that will lead to the eventual myths of our era. Do you realize how horrendous a tanning booth could be perceived? I saw that one in Reader's Digest, it did make me laugh but there is a lot of truth to it. BRB got to feed me dragon smile
Posted By: Calla Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/10/12 09:37 PM
I have been thinking about this dragon business since wrote your story. If it was a hollow bone it had to be bird like in nature. Could that mean they would love and care for their young like birds? Maybe dragons could be of a gentle nature. What do you think?
Posted By: loong Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/10/12 10:52 PM
To all
There are 2 types of Dragon.The dragon that has no wings,but flies and is called in chinese:surprise LOONG.Then there is the dragon with wings.The only country that considers dragons to be of good nature is China. A dragon or a loong represents TRANSFORMATIONS AND STRENGTH. To differentiate dragons ,you must check the claws .If it has 5 fingers it is a chinese dragon a good dragon.Japanese dragons only have 4 fingers and other asians counties you will have 3 fingers.I have 3 dragon tatoos ,2 in the neck and one my full back. There has to be a reality behind the dragon legend because the dragon has been known in Europe, India, asia,nothern countries.For ages.In prehistoric time there was a giant flying bird ressembling a dragon,his name was a pterodactyl.

A little bit concerned dragon
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/11/12 01:48 AM
I wonder if a lot of the myth and lore wasn't created by cave paintings depicted and enhanced by story telling. If so, though it is becoming apparent that some form of human was around a lot longer than they once thought. When did the pterodactyl actually vanish? Did the pterodactyl evolve into something else that was around long enough for some for of people to see it? Where does the mythology of the serpent looking dragon come from? The idea of the dragon is what fascinated me, at least at first. Now the history of the dragon has me totally fascinated. Somehow, somewhere, people capable of creating cave paintings saw something, or perhaps the passing down through generations of stories, painted these dragon looking critters.

Two cave painting is of a dragon looking creature but with very small wings. It isn't detailed enough to count the number of claws. It looks like I have a new hobby.

Thank you loong for the information. It is interesting that the dragon was known to so many cultures spanning wide expanses of time.
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/11/12 01:59 AM
Hi Calla, I think I need to learn more about prehistoric bones smile Sure the could have cared for their young. I believe many dinosaurs probably nurturing. I doubt if the crocodile is a good representation of everything dinosaur.

Many of the newer stories of the dragon was written maybe because we need to believe in something. Something wonderful, magical, because so much violence and hatred is inundating us in the news. We're flooded with video clips of mass slaughter on a daily bases. We have several nuclear hot spots around the world. We have no idea what happened to some weapons and plutonium when the Soviet Union split up. Some countries insist on telling others how to live. Ancient countries that have lived the same way for thousands of years. It isn't a pleasant time, though with the knowledge we have it should be the best of times. We have the capably and the resources to stop world hunger. But, as long as man insists on the continue power struggle and the accumulations of riches mostly, just because they can. We all wish for world peace, no body in the world going to bed hungry...we are so full of ourselves as humans. This could happen right this moment but it won't. We can't even get two political parties to work together for the good of humanity.

Yes, we need something magical to believe in. The truth is too painful.
Posted By: reptilepop Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/11/12 04:24 PM
I never realized so many cultures saw dragons so differently. There has got to be some truth to legend. The cave paintings are interesting too. Usually a cave paint was something they saw or heard in stories. From now on I will be counting dragon toes - seriously.
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/11/12 10:28 PM
I found that very interesting too reptilepop. Often, I probably learn more from the forums than anyplace else. I love learning, will I guess everything! I suppose that was why I found it so difficult to pick a major. I found the first two years the most interesting. With general education I had the most diversity. Then the next 2-4 years I got more locked in.
Posted By: Calla Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/12/12 08:38 PM
Where do you find cave paintings of dragons?
Posted By: loong Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/12/12 10:34 PM
Dear Calla ,
on Wiki i found alist of about 100 coutries with dragon caves
However ,I do not know how to put an url.So go to Wikipedia
type list of caverns.
I hope the url i put will not be blocked
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/12/12 11:19 PM
The link seems to work fine. I found something interesting about a Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus depiction on an old Mesopotamian cylinder seal from around at 3300 BC. The accuracy is amazing.

I know I will enjoy this list of caves with dragon/Dinosaur cave paintings. Thank you!
Posted By: loong Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/12/12 11:33 PM
To Diana,

You are more than welcomed.

Posted By: Calla Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/12/12 11:35 PM
Thank you loong that is so helpful. This is all quite interesting.
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/14/12 04:57 PM
Thank you all for adding so much information to my interest in dragons. I really loved the dragon cave links. It certainly revs up the mind for new possibilities.

What do you think of the ancient cave paintings of dragons and dinosaurs. How were the ancient cave painters so accurate if they had never seen either one of these animals?

Your opinions?
Posted By: Calla Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/14/12 07:12 PM
As I was looking through the cave paintings I really wondered that too. How did they know what these beasts, that survived before humans looked like?
Posted By: skunkmom Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/17/12 06:32 PM
Though not Puff the cave drawings are interesting. As I posted earlier I had wondered how the myth got so far and wide. How did the cave painters know what the dragons and dinosaurs looked like?
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 04/17/12 07:05 PM
I am glad you looked through the cave paintings skunkmom. They have always fascinated me. I don't have a clue how they depicted these animals so well. Though, it is possible they found the skeletons and guessed as well as modern humans smile Though, modern humans might have got the idea for the outside looks from the cave paintings.
Posted By: Diana-Exotic Pets Editor Re: Do Dragons Exist - 10/02/12 03:04 PM
For those that are interested in dinosaurs a couple of large ones have recently been found proving some did have feathers.
Dinosaurs Bus-Size Dinosaurs, as Fuzzy as Chicks - National Geographic.

This conversation came about as a result of my story I wrote, the only fictional story on my site Do Dinosaurs Exist

If you have an interest in dinosaurs or dragons I would love your opinion.
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