It seems a bit paradoxical that one of my exotic pet ferrets is dying while I am writing and publishing the ferret series. All I know is Missy has been my friend, my companion, a friend who has shown me nothing but unconditional love from the day we brought her home. Euthanasia a hard decision.

Euthanasia Our Little Ferret has Died
Posted By: Linda19 Re: Euthanasia Our Little Ferret has Died - 03/06/11 08:37 PM
I am so sorry to hear about Missy, I have been reading your ferret stories.

I have four dogs and three birds and I am dreading the day one of them dies. They are all like my best friends so I cannot imagine what you are feeling right now.

God bless and take care of yourselves.
Diana, my heart goes out to you. Losing a pet is so hard. When I had to have my American Eskimo puppy, Akima, put to sleep years ago it was very difficult to deal with. The Vet thought I was a little eccentric because I insisted on holding Akima when he gave her the shot. Guess he did not realize the spiritual connection people have with their pets.
Thank you for your kindness Linda. I pray your dear pets have a long and healthy life. It is kind of strange. My husband said no more animals that have such short life spans. I honestly can't see that it makes a difference; the loss hurts as much if they lived for three years or 50 years. With God's blessing I don't have to bear the full pain, for he is standing with me. Again, thank you.
Phyllis the connection is strong and I would not allow an animal to die alone. You can feel the moment the spirit leaves the body. An instant before my father passed, he looked up, and pointed, smiled and said up up! He was looking at something very intently, a short ways in the distance perhaps a few feet above him. Then he was gone.

Vet's can think whatever they want, I had an argument with a vet once over a skunk, same circumstance. I held him next to my face until he was gone. The idiotic vet looked panic stricken. Thank you for your kindness.
I find it always helps me to know that love (love for/from anyone or pet) never dies -- it only eventually goes to a quieter place within us.

When my father died, I was about 60 miles away from him -- yet I felt a strong spiritual connection that bonded us even closer than ever. One is never closer to God than when a loved one crosses over.

Keep the joy of the memories within your heart and I pray your healing has already begun.
George and I were heading for Kansas trying to get to my mother before she died. All of a sudden I felt her with me. I told George she was there with us, and she was dead. Not more than four or so minutes later the cell phone rang. It was my brother telling me she was gone. When my son died, I felt him near me or with me up until the funeral. In fact, MANY strange, yet wonderful things happened. Most were so off the wall; it could only have been my son causing the monkey business.
After my father's funeral, I was devastated for days. I just could not deal with the loss and just wanted to sleep. One day I forced myself to get up and clean the house. As I was changing the sheets on my bed, I heard a crystal clear bell ring, then I heard Father laughing joyously. (his laugh was unmistakable and so unique - I knew it was him.) From that moment on, I was at peace because I knew he was at peace and the spiritual bond would never break.

Your experience with your mother is similar to mine with my brother. He died as my Mom, younger brother and sister and I were on our way to be with him. Two hours later (the doctor and family allowed his body to await us in his room) we gathered round his bed and prayed. I felt such a glow of spiritual love in that room and knew Brother was still with us. After we each prayed and bid him farewell, I felt his spirit leave. It was a very peaceful and touching moment. I felt Angels near us.
I can't help but think about the significance of your white buffalo through this discussion.

It is wonderful that you are open enough, as some people aren't, and can see, hear, feel, the comfort our loved ones send us once they are gone.

I can't imagine, dealing with death without this comfort. Can you imagine living and thinking inside a box, not allowing you to hear a deceased parent's laughter, a child's pranks? I am thankful for that thin veil that allows us this connection.
I too have had to have a very life long pet friend put to sleep due to an illness, she did have a good 14yrs and 4mths with me but it is such a hard experience to come to terms with, they do become a family memeber. I shouldnt have thought any vet would think anything of us wanting to be with our faithful friend when it comes to the end of their lifetime with us, I too stayed with my wee dog Elle a black Pom, while the vet administered her fatal dose, we buried her at the bottom of our garden and I put her name on a wooden slice of tree with dates its my reminder of her, oh and I cried for 3 solid weeks you couldnt look at me but I was off again, I cried till I couldnt cry anymore tears I think and with all my husband coaxing of having a new puppy I couldnt bring myself to look until over 1andhalf years, greiving is a personal thing some get over it faster some not so. Im sorry for your wee Missy but its you who will be the worse of till the pain subides Diana, sending you my sentiments.
Diana, the avatar I have is symbolic of the "White Buffalo Calf Woman". The image shows the the woman in two forms: the White Buafflo" and the "Holy Woman who brought the Sacred Pipe" to the Oglala Lakhota people. The Sacred Pipe is used in ceremonies and is kept in a Sacred place when not in use.

White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the Sacred Pipe to the people to learn the Sacred Rites and to pass on the knowledge to others in a way that shows we are all related -- in the eyes of Creator, we are all relatives and help each other.
I'm sorry for your loss. I've never had a pet I didn't consider a part of my family, and losing one well, I can feel it even today after 10 years.

Phyllis, your puppy, I did the same thing. They know too and the comfort of being held vs, being in a room of strangers, I don't see how that's eccentric.

My best friend, "Shelby" a beautiful Springer Spaniel, he could tell the difference being inside the house in the basement vs. being outside in the country air.

When I carried him outside in a blanket and sat him under his favorite tree, he lifted his head to the sky and closed his eyes to the country wind, just before he died. Where in the basement, though it was quieter, nothing.
I am so sorry for your loss.

Maure, thank you. I am going to make sure nothing disturbs her little body. We have been plagued with things going wrong lately including the collapse of our newly remodeled garage. When the snow melts, IF the snow melts a new garage will go up. Under the new cement foundation, which will be under the new garage will be our Missy's final resting place. I have a beautiful piece of wood and a wood burning kit for a plaque.

We had buried a tiny feral kitten six or so years ago, in what I though was a perfect place. Until we saw bulldozers digging the area up. That, will never happen again. I know her soul, her spark is gone, but I want her tiny little body respected.

I am so sorry for your loss.
Elleise, I couldn't agree more that our pets are very much a part of our family. I think my family would be quite dysfunctional without animals. Shelby must of been a very special pet, how fortunate you were to enjoy Shelby's life. I have had my life enriched by every pet I have ever had.It is amazing what animals can teach you.
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I am so sorry to hear about Missy. I know you will miss her and your heart must be broken. How are the other ferrets doing? Busy as usual?
Posted By: "Rosie" Re: Euthanasia Our Little Ferret has Died - 04/03/11 08:41 PM
I'm also sorry for your loss of Missy
Thank you. I do miss her. I know the other ferrets miss her too. Quinn started biting right after Missy never came home from the vet. I know they don't understand why she never came home. They are both settling out now and are back to their usual sweet temperaments.
What a beautiful cat! Thank you Rosie. It has been difficult. I still look for the third lump in the blankets.
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