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Hummingbirds1 - 09/21/15 11:31 PM

Where are you and what kind of hummingbirds do you have?
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Re: Hummingbirds1 - 08/17/19 12:30 PM

I have about six hummingbirds visiting my yard this summer. They are so funny to watch. I have planted lots of balsam which they evidently like and now that summer is waning I have the nectar out. There is one alpha hummer who stands guard. over one feeder. He sits on the tomato cage and keeps all the other birds away from the nectar except for one. I gather it is his mate. The other feeder is in the back of the yard and there is one hummer who I see using it while the others fuss at each other over the one closest to the house.
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Re: Hummingbirds1 - 08/19/19 10:29 AM

Alas, there are no hummingbirds in this part of the world. The nearest substitute is the hummingbird hawk-moth, and they are, I think, still only visitors to Britain. I've never seen one.
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Re: Hummingbirds1 - 08/21/19 01:20 AM

They are amazing little birds.
Posted By: Angie

Re: Hummingbirds1 - 08/23/19 12:44 AM

Yesterday the gardeners came and cleared out one of my flower beds with all the balsam flowers. I noticed one hovering over he cleared area and decided to purchase two new feeders to help the hummingbirds out. They will be around until October. It didn't take long for them to figure out that there was a supply of food out there for them. That alpha hummingbird is quite a character though and chases as many away as it can.
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