I rarely remember my dreams but a dream I had weeks and weeks ago is constantly in my head because I feel strongly that it means something but I just can't figure out what.
Anyway the dream is this...
I was driving along a road when a car which was driving beside me swerved into me and dented my car. I didn't feel scared, worried or upset, just ever so slightly annoyed because I was thinking how now I'd have to go and get my car fixed.
Me and the other driver pulled over to the side of the road so we could exchange details. We both got out of our cars and as the guy was walking towards me, he had a smile on his face (I don't really recall how he looked, just his smile stood out)and he just appeared really friendly and I felt at ease. He explained that because he was from America he didn't have insurance (I'm from Australia). He took out his keycard and handed it to me and told me that the pin number was 6626 and that I should just withdraw how much I needed to pay for the car to be repaired. I was shocked that a stranger would just hand over his keycard and trust that I would withdraw only how much I needed...and I asked him how he knew he could trust me. He replied that he just knew he could and that everything will be fine. He again reminded me that the pin number was 6626.
The next thing I knew I was standing infront of an ATM machine getting ready to withdraw $3500 for the damages to my car. I don't know how I got that figure, I just knew it was that much.
Just as I was about to withdraw the cash, the American guy appeared beside me and asked me if I had made the withdrawl yet. I explained that I was just about to and he again asked me if I remembered that the pin number was 6626. I replied yes and proceeded to enter the pin number and withdraw the $3500.
He then asked how much the damage was and when I told him, he just kind of shrugged and said "oh, thats OK, its not much".
When I withdrew the money I was waiting for the receipt to come out to show how much I'd withdraw and the balance. When it came out I was shocked to see that the balance in his account was $1 million! Not shocked because it was such a lot of money, but because he trusted that I would take only what I needed, knowing he had that much in his account. I handed him the receipt and his card and as he took it he smiled and said "everything will be fine, I'll see you soon" and he turned around and walked away.

Can anyone please help me out with the interpretation?