Greetings everyone! Just posted a new review of film historian David Stenn's documentary "Girl 27". Stenn uploaded the doc to his YouTube channel so you can watch for free. I begin my review this way.

“You were very well protected. If you got into trouble...your problems were taken care of. It was a wonderful sensation.” Katherine Hepburn describing her experience at MGM

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, headed by legendary CEO Louis B. Mayer, went to extraordinary lengths to protect its reputation and its stars. The most profitable studio in Hollywood during the depths of the Great Depression, MGM used its wealth to buy influence. When someone was an asset to MGM, as Hepburn was, that clout was tremendously beneficial. If, however, you were a liability, MGM smothered you like a ton of bricks.

Patricia Douglas, a prime example, was the target of an intense MGM smear campaign in 1937. Her offense?

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