The Solar System's large moons tend towards the weird and wonderful, and Triton is no exception. It has ice volcanoes, a strange “cantaloupe terrain”, and crazy seasons. It's the only large moon to orbit in the wrong direction, so it didn't form near Neptune. But where did it come from?

I've come across a good video [13 mins] about Triton, and thought I would share it as a good companion to the above article.
At the most distant recesses of our Solar System lay the ice giant planets, Uranus and Neptune. We have only managed to visit these worlds once, and as such we know considerably less about the moons that orbit them. However, one moon stands out from the rest - Triton. Today, we will examine its unique features, and also relive the story of how this Kuiper Belt object came to be Neptune's largest satellite.

Triton – the Orphan Moon

Mona Evans
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