Today, April 20th, is National Canadian Film Day. While there are many special events taking place across Canada, those of us in the US can celebrate by watching a Canadian film. Two films I can recommend are currently streaming on Amazon Prime. "Falls Around Her" stars Tantoo Cardinal as a blues singer who returns to her homeland to reconnect with her Indigenous heritage. Her scheming manager attempts to retrieve her. "Falls Around Her" has elements of several genres and the soundtrack reflects this eloquently. The Canadian landscape is an important character in the film, as well. Written and directed by Darlene Naponse.

The second film is a period piece "Abandoned: Angelique's Isle". Inspired by true events, the film tells the story of an Ojibway woman and her husband who are abandoned and left to survive the harsh Canadian winter on an uninhabited isle. A great performance by Julia Jones as the lead character. Directed by Marie-Helene Cousineau and Michelle Derosier.

Here's a link to the National Canadian Film Day site where you can explore additional film titles. Homepage - National Canadian Film Day

Angela K. Peterson
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