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Celestial Seasonings Tea is coming out with another new line of tea. This line is called TEA WeLL it is organic teas that have four varieties, each one will also contain what the company is calling a " Daily Wellness Core" inside of the tea. The company feels these are innovative new blends that will reshape their wellness tea.

The Daily Wellness Core will consist of: antioxidant support which is green rooibos tea
immune support which is elderberry
digestion dandelion root
mental vitality Panax ginseng
the new blends are Organic Honey Lemon, Organic Lemon Chamomile, Organic Matcha Green, and Organic Ginger Mint

Look in your coupon sections, the company has issued a $1.00 off coupon. *** If you go to their website, you can sign up for their email and they will issue a 10% off coupon, there is also a customer care page, where you can send an email. or call a customer care line with any questions you may have. www.celestialseasonings(dot)com

They do sound innovative and I do see that they are trying to address the trends in tea. But as editor here I just want to remind everyone that one should always seek out their doctor's advice regarding the use of herbs and fruits or extracts. At times your medications may interact. It is good to check just to be safe.

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor

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