Hello Everyone – got a headache and five minutes plus to spare?

Here is a really delicious smoothie good for HEADACHES. I’m a lucky person because I rarely get them but this is not so for very many people out there. I hear that this recipe has been around for a long time so you may already have it in your ‘medicine chest’ found in the 'farmacy' found in your containers, but if you haven’t, then here it is. It’s worth trying. It tastes great too!

Hopefully your blender is not on the blink.

Chill one half of a medium Queen pineapple (or a tin with the juice) and blend it with a large handful of rinsed spinach leaves (any version, ribs in).
Add one half a cup of water, blend, drink, lie down, relax and you should feel better at least if you don’t get up with a clear head fairly quickly.


https://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art21784.asp - PINEAPPLE POTS and

https://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art182654.asp - SPINACH and DILL POTS

Let me know if it works for you even if you haven't got three years spare to grow a pineapple!


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