Hello everyone – here’s to success in your container gardening whatever you are doing.

One of my favourite vegetables are potatoes, they are so versatile when it comes to preparing them and they complement the family table in a big way … roasted, boiled with butter and garlic, salady with mayonnaise, smashed or mashed … not to mention crisps and chips and fish and all.

They are really easy to grow and do well in pots. Often I hear that people don’t really want to grow vegetables in containers because there’s so little to harvest – once harvested that’s it and the time growing whatever takes much longer than eating the whatever. Not so with potatoes – you can really get value for your efforts here.

Potato Pots

Join in and tell us what you think. Will potatoes be on your to do list any time soon?


Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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