Christmas Meditation and Prayer by Susan Helene Kramer

Christmas is an inspiring time – we open our hearts and hands in helping and showing kindness and care. May we take the blessings we receive from family and friends and share it in the larger circle of community, with our family 'round the world.

Here is a prayer to precede your silent part of meditation:

Christmas bells are ringing
Silver stars are shining bright
The little child from Bethlehem
Was born this holy night.

He gave his love
For us to share
To learn to give
To learn to care.

For caring for each other
As we'd care for babe in arms
Is just the way to keep us safe
To keep each other safe from harm.

By giving, caring, sharing
As the Babe of Bethlehem has taught
Our actions reap a wealth of joy
They're never done for naught.

Christmas is a holy day
A time to give our love away
In giving the gift of God's own love
We're sharing the blessings from above.


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