Reduce Stress with an Instant Meditation of Rhythmic Breathing

for Kids, Teens, Adults by Susan Helene Kramer

Meditation can reduce stress by putting the body-mind into a state of equilibrium.

When all our systems are in balance it is easier to work out solutions to problems causing stress.

Instant meditation, that is rhythmic breathing on the spot, is a silent way to get stressful feelings under control.

Here's how: inhale one count; exhale one count, and continue this pattern for a minute.

Your body comes under your mental control by calming down, just as your mind regains equilibrium.

We feel better when we are feeling mentally and physically in control of ourselves.

This instant breathing practice can be done unobtrusively, even in an office or classroom. No one need know what you are doing. But the result benefits others, too, because we become a more centered person to be around, and others may eventually ask us what our secret is in keeping or regaining our cool.

Demonstration of the benefits is, after all, an effective teacher.

When you are by yourself, and have time for a sitting meditation, institute even, regular breathing into your routine. Breathe in counts one, two; breathe out counts one, two, and continue this rhythmic pattern throughout your meditation.

By focusing on your breathing you are taking your attention away from any problems you may be dwelling on. This interjection of rhythmic breathing breaks the pattern of stress you may have built up in your mind and feel in your body.

Regular sitting meditation is a cushion to sink into that builds up with repetitive practice, a barrier against the buffeting winds of difficult and upsetting situations in living. And, it is good to know that you have this rescue formula to fall back on when stressed.

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