Heavenly Father,

Thank you for allowing us to come into your presence one more time. Thank you for your many blessings time after time. Thank you for your healing power. I come into your presence asking you to answer every prayer of every member of this forum. You know what we are in need of Lord. I bind the enemy on every side in Jesus name. I bind the spirit of sickness and disease, lack, and oppression in the name of. Jesus. I Bind the spirit of separation and divorce. I decree and declare healing and prosperity in the name of Jesus. Touch now lord. We need you like we have never needed you before. Put your hedge of protection around us Lord. Step into our homes and deliver our families. Step in and give hope to a dying world. Hosanna. Save now Lord. Thank you Lord. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen

Celestine A. Gatley
Baptist Editor

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