Grace Is a Gift by Susan Helene Kramer

Grace is a gift, and may descend unexpectedly in that you may not know the moment the transformation to a higher state of perception will occur. But looking back on the sequence of events leading up to it in your own life, you may see that all that came before was a preparation for the higher attitudes and inclusive way of living after the change.

For myself I had begun reading on lives of the saints and sincerely desired to know how to live a saintly life. Intuitively I knew that a change would come to help me, so I was ripe and ready for the higher transformation.

To prepare yourself for a higher transformation and experience of living, take time to meditate deeply, and follow a pathway of good nutrition and exercise to keep your mind and body as peaceful and healthy as possible.

When the blessing of grace descends, relish its feeling and effects forever more in your life, by making the changes needed that will keep you a happy and useful person.