Accessing the Recesses of Our Infinite Mind by Susan Helene Kramer

Here are some thoughts for the first part of your meditation, before listening to the inner sound of your mantra:

Because we see the limited size of our body, we might think that our mind is limited in size and scope. But, the scope of our mind is limitless, in that it has no dimensions of time, place, space, shape.

The mind 'works' through our physical body for communication on the physical plane and to help us learn about the nature of our infinite soul.

When we need the answer to a problem, we can get our answers, via using our mind, to go into the infinite depths of our mind using a step-by-step process of introspection, and then reflection. The word introspection even seems to come from the combination of the words 'inner' and 'introduction' and 'inspection.'

When I want to solve a sticky problem or understand a technicality that seems to elude me I follow this sequence:

1. I write down what the problem is.
2. I next write out all the options that readily come to my mind for solving the problem.
3. Now comes the introspection part. I calmly look at the list of solutions and just wait several seconds. This interval, which is sometimes extended to overnight or even a week later, is the period that my mind uses, to view what I already think are solutions, and come up with further ideas or decide on a best choice. During this period of time I hold a positive attitude with the intention of wanting what is best for everyone in the situation to come forward into a thought—a plan of action.
4. I write down the newer ideas that have come to mind from this interval of time; again reevaluating the situation or problem.
5. And sometimes I evaluate and reevaluate several times.
6. Finally, when I am satisfied that I have what I wanted to know, or see as a productive and harmonious way to proceed, I go forward in action.

We may think it easier or quicker to ask another person for an answer, particularly on a philosophical topic. But, why rely on another person's answers—which may be clouded by their opinions and life experiences—when we have the appropriate answers always available to us—with us all the time—ready to access in the depths of our own mind, via posing the question, followed by our own introspection and reflection. An exception to this search within would be if we have already tried this approach unsuccessfully.

Several times in my life I have had trouble sorting out issues on my own. At these times I have gone to counseling sessions with a professional therapist to assist me. Why turn away from medical or psychological therapy, if it helps us live a useful and productive life?

The combination of introspection and reflection is useful for finding most of our answers to the questions of living. However, it is valid and okay to use medical therapy if needed to regain and maintain balance in the body-mind. Our Infinite Resource, Our Infinite Source resides in every atom of existence:
In the atoms of our soul
In the atoms of our mind
In the atoms of our body
In the atoms of every substance.
All atoms directed by Infinite Intelligence, harmoniously functioning within their own orbs, ready to be used, as needed, for our benefit.

~ from my Perception Practices collection