This will be a topic that I hope to post in daily to share what I am reading. Sometimes, I'll just put the book name. Other times, I will share some of the interesting things that the books discuss. I might recommend a book or tell you that a book just didn't do it for me.

I just finished Bone Box by Faye Kellerman. It got mixed reviews. I debated long and hard about whether to buy it, or not. I am glad that I made the purchase. Some folks hated it, since it had a seemingly abrupt ending. I loved the ending. It reminded me of one door shutting, while another opened.

I gave it 5 stars on Amazon. Usually, I just review my faves! Here is my review.

I am a long-time reader of the Kellermans' books. I approached this one with trepidation, due to the poor reviews. Folks seem to want their stories gift wrapped and neatly tied up with a bow, every single detail explained. Faye Kellerman thinks more of her readers. An experienced reader can make connections between details. They appreciate drawing conclusions.

One of the frequent criticisms that I read was how as abruptly the book ended. It was a perfect ending that was foreshadowed by the last paragraph in chapter 42. All of the legwork had been completed. One door closed and another one opened. Great treat to read.

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