Dear Football fans,

It was sadly announced two days ago that Mike Adamle NBC Sports Commentator and athlete, suddenly was no longer on t.v., He has disappeared for about 6 months or so but and interview was done and in his own words he revealed how he was struggling with C.T.E.

C.T.E. is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy It is a result of blows to the head susatained from injuries Mike Adamle suffered as a running back in football. First, my prayers to Mike Adamle and his family. And strength to them for their journey facing them.
(*can see interviews on NBC(dot)com search Mike Adamle.

He is going to continue to do interviews and record what is happening to him for the sake of science, his fans, and the love of the sport. What we know is that it can result from as much as one blow or many little ones over time and over years. It can only be finally diagnosed upon post mortum exam. Mr. Adamle is already experiencing dementia.

Thankfully things are changing at the high school, and pee-wee pop-warner levels of football.

the concussion protocol is now being enforced everywhere and the rules have changed for on-field play as well as practice field play: no longer is helmet to helmet contact allowed. Period.

Huge penalties and even misconduct fines will be levied against a player in the NFL if they choose to hit in the head or lead with shoulders into the head.

But is it enough? Is it too late?

What else can we do?

I'll be following up on this subject. (p.s.I've had two highschool and long time pop warner players)

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
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