First of all I want to say that since the first time I have heard of their existence I have hated them. I have never made any exceptions. Also I have warned people since at least the eighties that it would be for everyone that is in no way part of the media (was laughed at and insulted but hey i was right - you are not part of the media and know nobody from that sickening group you are fair game).

These videos I post here to show people who do not see that problem and to the people who agree with this going on. I also found the videos on channels that are not related to the media so that it is known while they do not get any money.

Maybe one day it was about the money (then too it was evil and unacceptable) but for the last decade or even more it is only to torture they do that.

So to anybody who agree of the existence of paparazzis and to the people who do not care and to the people who do not think it is a problem: Watch this and tell me there is no problem and tell me it is okay and tell me it is her fault and tell me she deserves it and tell me she loves it then explain it to me!

And also I want to point out that not only are the people there not doing anything to help her some even take part of it.