Warning: This contain spoilers.

Bad movie.
My only hope for that movie is that instead of being horrible it would be very bad so it being bad is like a shock to me. I jumped once a little after the start (when she wakes up while laying on the coach and her boyfriend then dad tries to wake her up) and I was not tensed at all so it is not scary. Also there is no gore so nothing is disgusting. Because of the music and any other sounds being louder most of the times than when people talked I had to put my television's volume very high to understand. I loved the ending, it is nice to finally see an exorcism without having the person possessed dying or being free of the demon or devil. Maybe one day with a better budget and a higher rating someone could do a sequel that would be scary and disgusting or just do another movie like that but rated R this time because again I am sick and tired of the same endings so that was a nice change for that.
The sound is horrible. The special effects are very bad. The editing is bad. The acting and script are average. The directing, story, music and costumes are good. The cinematography, makeup and sets are great.