Warning: This contain spoilers.

Horrible movie.
Thankfully this pile of garbage lasts less than one hour and a half (that by the way seems like hours). There is no gore and nothing scary (i did jump a few times but from cheap scares - 1 of those i have to admit was almost good which was the hand in the car). The twist that it is the daughter not the mother I saw from a mile away (im an idiot so its rare i get to guess things like that). And also if I was Debbie I would of never saved Laine just because of her saying let's just forget about it to the group after seeing her with her mouth stitched up who had just saved them by warning them to get out, or maybe it was just her stopping that thing. The back story is interesting, if they would of spent more time with it instead of with boring idiocies it could of at least be very bad or even bad.
The sets, makeup, costumes and story are good. The cinematography, editing and music are average. The directing and sounds are bad. The acting, script and special effects are very bad.