Anyone who knows me knows that I love Halloween. I'm hoping you do too. This year, I'll be posting several very scary but yummy recipes for you to serve at your annual (I do hope you are planning one) Halloween BOO-ffet. There are dozens of disgusting recipes already posted on the site, and I even wrote a book a couple of years back called Quick Cooking for Halloween which is available on Amazon. You can purchase it at Quick Cooking for Halloween. If you haven't already signed up for the Quick Cooking newsletter, make sure you do so you're notified when other scary Halloween recipes are posted.

Ichabod's Entrails will be posted tomorrow, and coming up is a yummy green chile sandwich filling (similar to sloppy joes) called Ghastly Green Ghoul Guts. I'm also posting some easy Halloween breads where the dough is made in the automatic bread machine, so cooks and non-cooks can make Spiderweb Buns and Transylvania Coffin Rolls which are really yummy and go well with any Halloween theme.

Make sure you visit the Quick Cooking Site and search for Halloween if you're looking for some very unique dishes.

If you'd rather make a scary dessert, check out the BellaOnline Desserts Site where a yummy Wiggly Worm Torte is featured, and coming up is Spiderweb Shortcake.

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