Have you set up a google alert for family names in your genealogy work? These alerts can be amazing and valuable. One of my surnames is Kirksey. It is my mother's family. I had set up an alert for everything Kirksey. Some weird stuff often comes into my inbox but often a gem appears. By gem, I mean obituaries, births, marriages, and today a notice about a memorial service to be held in Massachusetts for a cousin who served with John F. Kennedy on the PT109 and was one of the two sailors killed. Andrew J. Kirksey was born in Georgia, died in the Pacific, and will have a memorial in Massachusetts.

To set up an alert:

Type in the dialog box to create an alert about something:
To help reduce the hits type in Genealogy: and then the name you are interested in receiving alerts.

Type in your name just for fun to see what comes up. You can always delete or modify the alert.

Have fun.