In the article Ninja travels in Japan - Spirits and Monks I mention Pemmican, a traditional American food carried by hunters and travellers. In my case I made it out of beef dripping, ostrich jerkey (biltong), and blended dried berries.

The beef dripping I had from a family roast, just collecting the rendering from a roast beef joint and placing it in a jug and letting it solidify. I removed most of the jelly type dripping that settled at the bottom to use in roasting potatoes and then blended the rest with the solidified fat and warmed it back to a liquid state. The biltong I acquired from a South African acquaintance at training and shredded with a blender. I found some dried berries in the Mitsukoshi department store and ran them through the blender too.

Then I put the dried ingredients in a bowl and slowly poured the warm melted dripping over them until I could form the blend into one large cohesive lump which I could divide into smaller balls to set as they cooled. These I placed in a paper bag lined with paper kitchen towels inside a plastic sealable bag and put this in my dilly bag. One bag lasted almost two trips into the wilderness as they are very tasty and filling.

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