Warning: This contain spoilers.

Very bad movie.
I did not care at all about the main character and that movie is stupid and uninteresting except for a few parts. When he meets the family and all the parts with them is interesting and also the flashbacks of him when young plus his dad and brother at the end that too is interesting, that is it as far as this movie being interesting. The looks the soldiers in the cave gave each others I knew his dad was not dead but I thought that it meant that he was the sorcerer or whatever but turns out he was just kept alive in a dungeon. I should of guessed the evil masked man was his brother but I did not. A more suiting ending would of been him dying after saving the girl. If he would of woken up (meaning him starting to kill again) before the boy was killed I would of probably cared for him and would not of wanted him to die after saving the girl or maybe it's just the actor who played him.
The acting, directing, cinematography and special effects are very bad. The editing and script are bad. The sounds, sets, story and makeup are average. The costumes are good. The music is great.