Warning: This contain spoilers.

Very bad movie.
What exactly does the last scene mean? Were the cop and twin sister not there? Was her assistant then blackmailer dead for a long time? And that woman being followed and filmed like that does not make sense and even if it does then that assistant was more than dumb wanting a relationship then blackmailing her. As for the rest of the movie for a while there it was almost tense and I have to admit that her plan to get rid of that witch was flawless which is why I say that it does not make any sense that she got caught by her assistant. The music at the start is just ridiculous and does not match at all that type of movie and also when the screen is split with the ballet and the murder that too is ridiculous. I thought that in Prometheus Noomi Rapace was great but in this movie she acts the same way, I will wait though to say that she cannot act before I see her in another movie and one that do not suck.
The script is horrible. The music is very bad. The editing is average. The acting, directing, cinematography, special effects, makeup, costumes, sets and story are good.