If any of you are searching for a company for your television channels and this company is available stay away as far as possible from them!

I decided to stay with them because I thought even with all the problems I had with them that at least when the new satellite and receivers would be installed I would not have to get a new programming because all my channels would still be there at the same pricing. Wednesday I stayed on the phone for almost one hour to take an appointment for an installation for the next Wednesday. We need three receivers and only found one so this morning I called to buy two others so that the installor would have them with him Wednesday and there were no trace of any of the calls I had made since the fire except for the first when I suspended my account and the last person I spoke with and who also told me after almost one hour that the appointment was made lied to me, it was not at all in my account and after the woman I finally got after talking to a man who knew nothing made a search she finally found somewhere in the system that the other man did take the appointment but to the burned house. So after about two hours with someone who knows what she is doing we will have the installation done on Wednesday.

Turns out having a satellite installed by a company you are with since 2000 is more complicated than finding a new house after your house burned and you got your insurance company pay you!