Publishers always make a big deal over "summer reads," and often the books have absolutely nothing to do with summer. My list of great "Halloween Reads" has everything to do with Halloween. Not a horror fan, my list is fairly tame, but involves creatures just the same.

I just started Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice's classic novel that was first published in 1976. I'll let you know how it is, but so far it is fascinating, which is why the book is still in print and the series is still widely popular.

The Southern Vampire Series, featuring Sookie Stackhouse, by Charlaine Harris is a good series - it was even featured in several HBO segments. The books are always better though. Here is a link to my review on her first of the series, Dead until Dark:

If you like lighter reading, Bailey Cates has a cute series, the Magical Bakery Mysteries, featuring good witch and amateur sleuth, Katie Lightfoot. The books are culinary mysteries and come complete with recipes. Brownies and Broomsticks, the first in the series has a recipe for the best chocolate peanut butter brownies on the planet.

Deborah Harkness' All Souls trilogy is excellent and is about a Witch and a Vampire; these are some of the best books of the century!

Don't forget the Twilight series; they are worth a second read, as well as Harry Potter - worth a 3rd or 4th read.

None of the suggestions above belong to the "horror genre" so they are great for those of us who don't like the violence and gore.

Do you have any favorite Halloween reads that thriller fans will like? Please post so we can get started on our reading.